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GOG's annual Spring Sale is in its finale, and a ton of games are now up to 85% off on their price.

GOG has shown off all of the custom collections and individual titles going for cheap, so here is a list of some good deals to consider before the Spring Sale ends in two days. Please note all links to GOG below are affiliated, as is the link here to the store page.

Custom Collections:

This time around GOG has gathered a bunch of games in small collections, where you can pick and choose what you want to purchase from them instead of being tied to a bundle. A few games do overlap in these collections, but you can mix and match them as you see fit. Some of the standout collections, along with their current price, are as follows:

Role Playing Games - Our Favorites (up to 85%)

Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition ($6.66) Deus Ex: GOTY Edition ($2.99) Dex ($3.74) Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition ($4.99) Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition ($19.99) (Review) Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition ($17.99) (Review) Shadowrun Hong Kong: Extended Edition ($6.66) (Review) Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines ( $4.99) Witcher 2: Assassins and Kings Enhanced Edition ($2.99) Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition ($29.99) (Review)

Adventure Games - Our Favorites (up to 80%) 

Batman- The Telltale Series ($12.49) (Review) Blackwell Bundle ($2.99) Broken Age: The Complete Adventure ( $4.99) (Review) Deponia 2: Chaos of Deponia ($4.99) Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series ($7.49) Gemini Rue ($1.99) The Last Door: Collector's Edition ($2.49) (Review) Syberia 2 ($1.99) Tales from the Borderlands ($6.24) (Review) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter ($3.99) (Review)

Indie Games - Our Favorites (Up to 85%)

Bastion ($3.74) Braid ($3.74) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons ($2.24) (Review) Crypt of the Necrodancer ($3.74) (Review) Don't Starve ($4.49) Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number ($3.74) (Review) Invisible Inc. ($6.66) (Review) World of Goo ($2.49) Undertale ($4.49) (Review)

Hardcore Games (Up to 80%)

The Age of Decadence ($7.49) Darkest Dungeon ($12.49) (Review) Hotline Miami ($2.49) (Review) Mark of the Ninja ($3.74) Mother Russia Bleeds ( $7.49) (Review) Neo Scavenger ($3.74) (Review) Rogue Legacy ($2.99) Spelunky ($2.24) (Retrospective) Super Hexagon ($0.74) Tower of Guns ($2.99)

First Person Games - Our Favorites (Up to 88%)

Clive Barker's Undying ($1.49) Crysis ($4.99) Lichdom: Battlemage ($4.79) Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault ($4.99) Metro: 2033 Redux ($4.99) (Review) Metro Last Night Redux ($4.99) (Review) Mirrors Edge ($4.99) Outlast ($4.99) (Review) Superhot ($12.49) (Review) Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition ($2.49)

Other notable titles on GOG that were not in any of the collections include the following:

Darksiders: Warmaster Edition ($4.99) Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition ($29.99) (Review) Fran Bow ($3.74) (Review) Freedom Force ($1.49) Freedom Force vs The Third Reich ($1.49) HuniePop ($2.49)  (Review) Jotun: Valhalla Edition ($4.99) (Review) No Man's Sky ($35.99) (Review) Stasis ($8.99) (Review) Starbound ($9.99) X-Com: UFO Defense ( $1.49) X-Com: Apocalypse ($1.49) X-Com: Terror from the Deep ($1.49)

There are plenty of other games on sale too, so be sure to check them out before the GOG Spring Sale ends this weekend.

Do any of the games above interest you? What games are you looking to get from GOG? Leave your comments below. 

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