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Battle The Duldrumz Of Boredom In This Year's Steam Summer Sale

Published: June 22, 2018 10:56 AM /



Hold on to your wallets, people. The Steam Summer Sale 2018 is well and truly underway, and you know what that means: more cards, a cute little minigame, and, of course, way more deals than can be healthy for anybody's bank account.

This year's summer sale comes complete with a minigame, as is now customary for Steam sales. The game is called Saliens, and sees players take control of the titular Saliens in their battle against the Duldrumz, whose quest is to "abduct all the world's games and banish them to far-off planets where humanity would have no chance to find them". The game is a cute, inconsequential little tower defence-lite shooter in which you defeat Duldrumz, take control of grid squares on a map and potentially win free games and other rewards if you triumph. TechRaptor is currently serving on the frontier in the battle against the Duldrumz, so join our group today and show your TR flag proudly (if you so desire)!

There's more to the Saliens game, though. If you collected something mysterious during the Steam Spring Cleaning event, you can use it now to get some sweet customization stuff for your Salien. You can keep the little fella, too - it'll stay on your profile, along with any cosmetic items you might have collected during the sale. Steam describes it as going "into cryostasis". D'awww.

Right now, the Steam servers are a bit squiffy - it's early days in the sale, after all, so traffic is pretty monumental - so bear with them.

Of course, if you're not up for participating in this way, there's all the usual Steam summer sale stuff to enjoy. Three free Steam trading cards are up for grabs each day by browsing your Discovery Queue, and once you collect all three of these cards you can turn them into a nifty badge.

The main event here, though, is the games, and bien sur, there are many, many deals for you to snap up. Here are a few choice ones we picked out:

  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - 33% off (the first dev-side sale on PUBG)
  • Spike Chunsoft games - up to 40% off (includes DanganronpaVeAnother Episode and more)
  • Zero Escape franchise - up to 40% off (999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, et cetera)
  • Stardock games - up to 70% off (includes Galactic CivilizationsSins of a Solar Empire and more)
  • Renowned Explorers - 50% off
  • Final Fantasy XV - 50% off
There's plenty more on sale on Steam for the next couple of weeks, so if these don't tickle your fancy, something else is bound to.

Of course, if none of these deals are for you, there's also a sale going on right now over at the Humble Store (affiliate link). That sale also offers 33% off PUBG, as well as Konami games, Harebrained Schemes titles and more. For the next day or so, there's a free copy of cyberpunk CRPG Shadowrun Returns (affiliate linkup for grabs, too. Make sure you get in on that - free games ain't bad games, right?

The Steam "Intergalactic Summer Sale" runs until July 5th.

What will you be picking up as part of the Steam Sale? Let us know in the comments below!