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20% Off Souls-like The Surge in Green Man Gaming Sale

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Everyone likes to think about getting the newest big releases, but sometimes things aren't always great that way. It does mean that you get the option of waiting for a sale, but the trend of launch week sales does tend to mean that the price near release is cheaper then you will see for some months. So this week's set of deals from Green Man Gaming we've looked at and have in here some new releases at a solid discount, and some slightly older ones that if you were waiting around for might be finally at the value to pick up.

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As mentioned in the title, Deck13's recently released sci-fi take on the Action-RPG souls-like formula is one of the titles at a discount. The Surge, which has received solid reviews from many, including our own Andrew Otton, is available for 20% off as one of Green Man Gaming's VIP deals which require you to login to an account there to get the full discount. The Surge isn't the only new or upcoming game on discount though, as Mirage: Arcane Warfare is at 15% off in the lead to its release. Recently concluding an open beta, Mirage: Arcane Warfare is Torn Banner Studios follow-up to its successful Chivalry game, taking a fantastical fantasy approach to a similar style of gameplay. Beyond the 15% off, you also get the free cosmetic DLC Bones of the Bygones which will give you a skull helm for each of the character classes.

For those preferring a bit of wait and see approach to things, Sid Meier's Civilization VI is at one of its lowest prices, if not at it. The highly acclaimed 4x strategy game by Firaxis is now 43% off providing you the ability to get at nearly half the price it was at launch last Fall. Another strategy game that's available at a discount now is Cities Skylines by Colossal Order and published by Paradox. This city builder is now 73% off, making it cheaper than the current steam sale while getting you a copy for Steam. Additionally, most of the DLC for the game is on sale, although not the new Mass Transit expansion.

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