$13 Doom, Fallout 4 and Cheap Elder Scrolls in Massive Bethesda PC Sale

Published: July 27, 2017 6:51 PM /



Lull in your franchise? Throw a sale!

That's what Bethesda is doing right now as its games have been getting discounts at multiple digital PC gaming retailers this week. Everything from Bundle Stars, Green Man Gaming, the WinGameStore, to DLGamer all have their own sales with similar pricing, but many of them are beat out by GamersGate.

The Sweden-based PC gaming retailer GamersGate has discounts slightly better than all on almost all titles. There you'll find Fallout 4 for only $12.90, a price that handily beats out the Steam Summer Sale price of $15 from a few weeks ago. The 2016 release Doom is another fantastic deal, sharing the same $12.90 price point as Fallout 4 and beating the previous best Steam sale price of $15. In fact, all deals at GamersGate beat out the Steam seasonal sale, sometimes by just a few pennies, mostly by a few dollars.

GamersGate wins the price war for all but two games: Prey and Dishonored 2. The May 2017 released Prey is at a bombshell deal price at WinGameStore. At WGS, the Bethesda horror shooter title drops to $29.99, or half-off the usual $60 list price. For reference, the Steam Summer Sale Prey was a $39.59 purchase. In the case of Dishonored 2, it's best price is at DLGamer for $15.89 beating out the Steam sale price of $20 by a healthy 20% margin.

We've rounded up all the Bethesda deals below and have organized them by the franchise. Noteworthy deal below in the Elder Scroll camp includes Elder Scrolls Online for only $7.50 - plus the Morrowind expansion upgrade at only $24. Finally, at only $4.48 a piece, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and The New Order are great pickups at this price point. Just in time before Wolfenstein II arrives later this year.


Prey/Doom The Elder Scrolls Wolfenstein Dishonored Quake More These hot deals at GamersGate will last quite a bit of time. They run now through August 6th giving about a week and a half more of solid discounts. The deal for Prey at WinGameStore will also expire on August 6, while Dishonored 2's deal at DLGamer appears to be much more limiting, ending around Thursday night Pacific time.

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