Yooka-Laylee released earlier last month and while the team at Playtonic are still working towards adding all of the promised features to the title, as well as the Nintendo Switch port of the game, today they have announced what their plans are for improving the title. This first big update will be focused on Spit ‘N’ Polish, working to fix some of the issues that players have been facing.

In their blog post on their official website, they state that this big game update “will add significant improvements and introduce some of the most requested features.” While there will be a more detailed update in the future when more work has been done on the patch, for now, some changes have already been listed including the following:

  • Skip dialogue faster
  • Skip cutscenes
  • Reduce the audio of the gibberish voices
  • Changing how the camera operates so now it doesn’t get stuck on other objects

Continuing their blog post, Playtonic announced two new staff members, Matt Griffin, a new sound designer who has previously worked on LEGO titles, and Chris Woods, an operations manager whose aim is “to take the heavy non-development weight off everyone’s creaking shoulders.” If you wish to purchase any Yooka-Laylee merch too you now can via Fangamer whose stock now includes a new t-shirt design as well as free shipping until the 3rd of May.

If you wish to read the full blog post about the Spit ‘N’ Polish update then you can here. If you’re looking at picking up Yooka-Laylee, it is currently 23% off over at Green Man Gaming (affiliate).

What do you think of the updates announced for Yooka-Laylee? Any well wishing for the new recruits? What do you want to see improved in Yooka-Laylee? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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