The most famous XCOM: Enemy Unknown mod that was developed, was almost certainly The Long War which upped the difficulty, increased the game’s length and has been praised repeatedly not just by the public but by Firaxis themselves who have streamed it on their own channel. When discussing XCOM 2 and why the focus was pc only at this time, The Long War was explicitly mentioned as something that significantly improved the game.

That’s all a long way of saying, these guys hit a slam dunk with that mod and did a great job there and now, they are parlaying that experience into a studio they have created. Creatively called Long War Studios, they have just recently announced their first title, Terra Invicta a science fiction grand strategy game.

Terra Invicta takes the premise of XCOM and brings it to a genre where it will be challenging to some extent only Paradox and a few other games, and it appears to be taking a different approach then the Paradox games. In Terra invicta you are leading the defense of Earth against an alien invasion fleet, and have to build up and assemble a squabbling council of scientists, politicians, military leaders, and operatives to help bring the world together to be able to battle the Aliens, on Earth and in outer space. In essence, Terra Invicta has you building the XCOM force you want to make, deciding what alliances, what tactics and what key choices to make at a grand level as well as the smaller one.

Right now Terra Invicta is in pre-kickstarter development – showing that they do plan on taking the game to Kickstarter in the future.  Details, beyond a couple paragraph blurb on the game are somewhat scarce as one might expect and there aren’t really any screenshots, but we will be watching out for any further news from Long War Studios!

Did you like the XCOM mod The Long War? Are you interested in the premise of Terra Invicta? Do you think that having developed such a notable mod can replace having a separately released game for trust in crowdfunding? Share your thoughts below!

Don Parsons

News Editor

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