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We previously reported that Long War Studios, developers of the wonderful XCOM: The Long War mod for XCOM Enemy Unknownwere working on mods for XCOM 2. Now, thanks to Firaxis’ panel at PAX, and later website update, we know just what these mods are.

The first of the three mods will be the addition of submachine guns, which seem to function similar to those in the original Long War. There will be an SMG for each of the three weapon types found in XCOM 2; conventional, magnetic, and beam. Like in the original mod, they sacrifice damage and long-ranged accuracy for increased mobility, letting your operatives move farther in one turn. Thanks to the new stealth system, the SMGs will also now be giving troops bonus concealment compared to traditional assault rifles.

The second mod will be a whole new enemy type known as the muton centurion (Pictured above), who seems to be filling in the role of the muton elite from Enemy Unknown. The centurions are stronger versions of the base mutons, with the ability to buff their extraterrestrial comrades. They also look quite distinctive in their red armor and helmet, making them appear much more like an actual soldier than the somewhat gorilla-esque normal mutons.

XCOM 2 Leader

The third and final mod looks like the most exciting, allowing you to assign any troop you want as a “leader”. Once you unlock the ability to train leaders through the Guerilla Tactics school, you can assign your troops as leaders. The leader follows a new upgrade path that presumably functions to buff your other operatives. Only one Leader can be in a squad at any time though, so you’ll have to pick and choose leaders carefully.

All of these mods will be available via the steam workshop when XCOM 2 launches on February 5th.

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  • Bailey NaGeL

    So why couldn’t they put this in the base game? especially if the mods are already ready?

  • Luministrus

    Because it wasn’t actually made by Firaxis?

  • Iconoclast

    Long war is overrated crap.

    It took everything that made the normal game fun and turned it into an ultra-slow grind.

    Sorry, but I don’t see the fun where the aliens are professional snipers and a frigging horde and my dudes wouldn’t hit the broadside of a barn unless standing still for two turns.

    Enjoyable difficulty is about overcomming odds, not standing up just be pummeled into the ground again.

  • braneman

    I think it would have worked a lot better with Xcom 1’s damage system where each bullet had a chance to hit rather than all or nothing hit or miss. Also being able to do things like “aimed shots” and “snap shots” and stuff like that to mess with accuracy would have been REALLY helpful.

  • cptk

    Because for the developers to put in the work would cost more money. They’ve already attempted to squeeze everything they can from their budget and a fair amount of “nice to have” features have I’m sure been cut.

    In my mind it’s inspired to have optional free content created by the community at launch as it will make the most of the first few months where the product is on sale at its highest price.

  • Revan619

    filthy casual