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Xbox Wire has announced that game streaming Xbox games to all Xbox One owners with a Windows 10 PC or tablet. Along with game streaming, the Windows 10 Xbox App will be getting some new and improved features. This announcement comes days away from the official launch of Windows 10, which is July 29.

The Xbox game streaming feature is a interesting feature, which allows you, as the name suggests, to stream your Xbox One console experience to your laptop, PC, or tablet. The streaming allows you full control over your Xbox, although some apps, such as Netflix, do not work with streaming. The Xbox console that is streaming will not be usable by anyone else while streaming. You will also need a wired Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller; you can use a typical USB to Micro USB with the Xbox One controller.

The Xbox App will be getting a host of other new and improved features with this latest update such as:

  • Party Chat – In the app above your friends list will be a new option, start a party. This lets you start a party with Xbox friends on Xbox One and the Xbox App on Windows 10.
  • My Games – The app will now automatically discover Windows Store games and older non-Windows Store PC games. If a game does not automatically add a game, you can add games manually. The app will continue to be updated with non-Windows Store games to improve automatic discovery over time.
  • Home – Easy access to game streaming and quick launching games from recently played have been added. An updated featured games section shows you new and popular games available on the Windows Store.
  • Profile – Choose your avatar or gamerpic to be shown to friends. Change your avatar, gamertag, gamerpic, user color, and update your name sharing settings under customize in your Profile.
  • Share with your friends – Upload local game clips and screenshots for Windows Store games to your Xbox Live profile, they will then appear on your activity feed on Xbox Live.
  • Day One Experience – PC owners new to Xbox will be able to use a new feature to get started easily. It will help you create an account, choose a gamertag, learn the basics of finding games, earning achievements, and using the activity feed.

To use these features you will need the latest version of Windows 10; the Xbox App should update automatically when the update is available in the Windows Store. If you have Windows 10 check out the game streaming function and all the new features as soon as you can, there’s only so much time you’ll be able to act like a snooty hipster towards all your friends who don’t have Windows 10 yet.

Kyle Downey

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  • Dr Dub

    Surely the reverse would be more useful (to stream your PC on the TV) although I wouldn’t use any such system for gaming as it must surely add a tonne of input lag.

  • Guy Montag

    Recording game footage becomes easier I guess.

  • mbits

    Well, one can stream natively (on the PC), this way. Rather than having to use a capture card or device to record and encode the console stream, feed that across the room or house to a PC, then combine that with your other video and audio sources into your final outbound streaming feed (forcing that console stream to be double-encoded and shitty looking)… you can just play it on your PC and stream like normal.

  • mbits

    Exactly. Why in the hell would I want to play the console versions of games on my PC? I’d just buy the fucking PC version in the first place. How about, instead, they make it so that when you buy a game, you get a license to play it on any and all available platforms? So you can buy a game on Steam or XBL and play it on PC, Playstation, Xbox, etc?

    Also, what I’d rather this do is function more like the Steam Link will. Let me relax on my couch by playing my PC/Steam games via the console. That is something that is actually useful.

  • Dr Dub

    God I’d love to be able to link my Steam/MS and PS4 or XO accounts and games were cross platform.

    So many times I buy games twice on PS4 and PC because one version (usually the PC) has problems.

    It will never happen because people will abuse it, pity but that is why we can’t have nice things 🙁

  • sickbroski

    There is no PC version.

  • Typical

    You guys should look at the steam link. It’s a $50 box to stream steam games from PC to your TV.

  • Typical

    If you have a child who is constantly monopolizing your TV with Bullshit like Paw Patrol and Team Umi Zumi, it can be a godsend.

  • Ryan Juel

    It sounds like you’ve never used the twitch app or the game dvr, so I’ll forgive your ignorance. But seriously, those apps are terribad. What’s available on PC is so much better. Nobody in their right mind would use that.