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You likely won’t see it in a Microsoft press release any time soon but Microsoft’s Xbox consoles are the machines of choice for viewers of adult content.

Adult content tube Pornhub released its 2014 year in review yesterday and under the thorough analysis of the highest porn-consuming countries, most popular actresses and favorite search terms is a breakdown of adult content on gaming consoles. Xbox was the most popular choice followed by Playstation, with the Nintendo Wii and handheld consoles bringing up the rear with small slices of the market. From the Pornhub analytics page;

Last but not least we’re getting gamers covered in regards to the consoles they use to lvl up on Pornhub. Playstation and Xbox are the undeniable heavy hitters here, claiming 40% and 45.7% of traffic respectively – though Playstation’s traffic shares are down 36.8% from last year. Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, saw a 69.9% traffic share increase over the course of the year and now accounts for a respectable 8.2% of all console user traffic. Insert your favorite joke about Wii remotes and spastic hand-jerking motions here.

Pornhub Console Traffic 2014Beyond a fun bit of trivia, the adult content industry can have an undeniable effect on the console wars that are renewed every 7 years or so. In the era of the PS3 and Xbox many considered the adult industry the oracle for which High-Definition format would end victorious. The multi-billion dollar adult industry’s support of Blu-Ray was a major deciding factor for studio’s embracing of the technology. After all; the studios will always target the largest install base and demand for adult content is no small thing.

The Pornhub analytics page also breaks down the tech preferences of their viewers. In 2014 the mobile phone overtook desktops with 45% of viewers choosing their smartphone over their computers (44%) and tablets (11%). Windows still crushes all other operating systems with 83.3% of viewers while Chrome is the adult-content-viewer’s browser of choice with 49.5% of viewers.

You can see the full analytics page here ; which is surprisingly safe for work, however TechRaptor makes no promises about the work-safeness for any links you follow on that page. [Editor note: link removed]

Do you use your gaming console for any *ahem* extracurricular activities? Let us know in the comments!

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  • not surprising really

  • Wyatt Hnatiw

    But like, think of the Xbox puns!

  • Ben Kuyt


    But seriously, it’s cause of Internet Explorer being 12000 times better than the web browser on Playstation and Wii. Ironic how IE on Xbox is faster than IE on my $900 PC.

  • jonas nielsen

    Porn on a smartphone? lol

  • The rural juror

    Aren’t you glad now Kinect isn’t mandatory?

  • DynastyStar

    I wonder how much of their traffic comes from the best platform of all: PC(I do like PC, but I’m partially joking, so I hope I offended nobody).

  • 33

    Some people have busy lives and need to come on the go.

  • 33

    “Topping things off with a significant 328% gain is ‘lesbian seduces straight girl,’”
    I wonder what caused that.

  • jonas nielsen

    Stop being fallacious

  • Er, yeah. Sorry about that. Browser kept crashing.

  • SevTheBear

    Most be the Xbone nickname

  • People actually watch porn on phones!? What like they’re on a bus or train and play with themselves and other passengers watch the show ahahahahahahaha.

  • you never know, pornhub might one day be on the 3ds