Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing Miniatures game offers a wide variety of different ships and pilots, making it difficult for people to always know what to fly or how to combat them. This series will focus on giving you insight on how you can best use them to defeat your opponents. ‘X Gonna Give It To Ya’, focuses on the X-Wing and its pilots.

Next in our series, we come to pilot Wes Janson. This pilot makes appearances in the movies whereas I’m sure Tetran Cowall doesn’t, so suck it Matt. Wes is a pilot who would have been in the assault on the first Death Star but was feeling ill so he didn’t make it. This seems perfectly legitimate to me as I also wouldn’t want to be blasted by a fully functional battle station. This did however lead him to a bit of guilt over the death of his old pal Jek Porkins (yes, that Porkins). We’d later go on to see Wes featured in the battle of Hoth as Wedge’s gunner and the first person to score a kill on the AT-ATs assaulting Echo Base.

Now that you know a little bit about our boy Janson, it’s time to get to know about him in a way no dating profile can ever compare: by looking at his in-game card. Wes rocks a pilot skill of 8, which is impressive as the X-Wing is one of the few ships to actually do so. His stats and upgrades are what you’ve come to love and expect from our other X-Wings, but it’s really the ability that Janson sports to make him a contender. This ability reads, “After you perform an attack, you may
remove 1 focus, evade, or blue target lock token from the defender.” This ability is tremendous and one that will definitely make your opponents groan loudly when he locks his s-foils into attack position. This makes targets easier to hit, or removes the ability for them to use ordinance against you.

Prepare Fighters for Launch

One of the really cool things about Wes Janson, is the fact that he opens up the possibility for cards with Opportunist to really shine. The key to this is taking Veteran Instincts to take him to pilot skill 10 so he will always shoot first (sorry Han). This is a thing I’ve explored in many lists.

Big Fish – Blastin’ Your Opponents

  • Opportunist

    Oh Wes, you enabler you.

    Wes Janson (29)

  • Veteran Instincts (1)
  • Wedge Antilles (29)
  • Ibtisam (28)
  • Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
  • Opportunist (4)

So this is a 98 point list which gives you a slight lead on the initiative bid, plus it’s a whole lot of ass whoop. The key parts to this are Wes and Ibtisam who really do the majority of the damage. Oh, yeah, and this guy you might have heard of named Wedge. Wedge is really good at shooting people or something, I dunno. Combat follows with Wes shooting first hopefully stripping a juicy target of some defenses and then Ibtisam will stress herself with Opportunist which also triggers her ability to reroll dice while stressed so the HLC will pack a major punch behind it. The only real downside to this list is the fact there are only 3 ships which is still not super safe.

Token Gambling

  • Kyle Katarn (21)
  • Ion Cannon Turret (5)
  • Moldy Crow (3)
  • Recon Specialist (3)
  • Wes Janson (29)
  • R2-D2 (4)
  • Green Squadron Pilot (19)
  • Chardaan Refit (-2)
  • Green Squadon Pilot (19)
  • Chardaan Refit (-2)

This list is a bit of an oddball, but a fun one. Wes is there to soften up targets while Kyle is there to ion the crap out of said targets and the greens are there because who doesn’t love flying A-Wings? The Chardaan Refit is an AMAZING card that we all knew would be amazing, but it’s even better that it’s finally out. Well, it is if you got Rebel Aces already.


I have trouble running this guy but I never regret it.

Biggs Winner – How the Wes Was Won

  • Biggs Darklighter (25)
  • R2-D2 (4)
  • Shield Upgrade (4)
  • Flechette Torpedoes (2)
  • Wes Janson (29)
  • Flechette Torpedoes (2)
  • R7-T1 (3)
  • Veteran Instincts (1)
  • Tarn Mison (23)
  • R7 Astromech (2)
  • Flechette Torpedoes (2)

A squadron at 97 points is about as low as I’d like to go, and even then the three ships make me quite nervous to run this against any sort of swarm. However, this squad will give enemies fits and Biggs will help ensure that Tarn can get to the late game where he will shine brighter than most other pilots, especially at pilot skill 3. The Flechettes are there simply to help you put some hurt out there and hopefully some stressful control elements.

Sending Wes to Visit Jek (or Killing Wes)

I’ve written about how to kill X-Wings multiple times now, but I’ll keep doing it because I like to pretend I get paid by the word. Something to consider,if you can put stress on Wes the X-Wing’s dial isn’t exactly bursting at the stitches with green maneuvers so simply stressing and blocking is a huge detriment to this ship. Neither Wes’ ability or any of his built in actions make him hard to pin down so always keep that in mind.

Wes Janson may not have been featured in the battle of Yavin in A New Hope, but he can bring the fight to your opponents regardless. His unique ability to remove tokens from enemy ships makes him a healthy addition to any list— saving your hide and making your opponent easier to hit.With an ability like that, it’s hard not to see why he’s an ace.