Call of Cthulhu was first announced at E3 2017, and has been laying low for a while now. Our in-depth preview by writer Perry Rhuland detailed the major points of the game, which is based on the classic tabletop RPG by Chaosium. Thankfully, developer Cyanide Studios has detailed more information about the game, including an official release date for later this year.

The game, touted as an “investigative RPG,” Call of Cthulhu stars Private Investigator Edward Pierce, who is sent to the island of Darkwater, Boston to investigate the death of  a woman named Sarah Hawkins. As his investigation goes on, Pierce uncovers terrifying cults, dark conspiracies, and terrors beyond his comprehension.

Players, as Pierce, will be able to question the citizens of Darkwater to discover their secrets, find cryptic clues and solve puzzles, and fight off unspeakable horrors as he struggles to uncover the truth. The player will have multiple paths to choose from and will be able to fill out four skill trees to proceed with whatever playstyle they choose.

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What will you discover in Call of Cthulhu? You may not like what you find.

Pierce needs to be careful, however, as the line between sanity and madness is thin, and fiendish enemies, both real and imaginary, will be obstacles to overcome to one of the games multiple endings. Players must track their sanity and psychosis or suffer the consequences. From hallucinations to other forms of mental trauma, all forms of madness are permanent in Call of Cthulhu, which in turn can transform your gameplay experience in ways you didn’t expect.

Cyanide Studios Call of Cthulhu is now scheduled for an October 30th release, date, a day before Halloween. The game will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What are your thoughts on Call of Cthulhu? Looking forward to jumping into the mouth of madness? Leave your comments below. 

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