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Microsoft is set to unveil Windows 9 today at 1PM Eastern Time/10AM Pacific Time, and we’ve got the info!

This post will be updated as information pours out of the event, so keep an eye out for updates!


Both Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott have posted Tweets showing that Windows2015 is the wifi password for the event.  For those who wish to speculate, this could possibly be the name of the new OS, or a placeholder that’s more consumer friendly than Threshold.



The event is about to start!



UPDATE: The name is Windows 10! That doesn’t quite seem to make sense, but we’ll find out more soon enough.

Joe Belfiore is going on stage to demonstrate Windows 10, now.


A couple screens of the new build of Windows 10! It’s been confirmed that preview builds will be handed out after the event.

UPDATE: The start menu can be resized to any size you want! There’s now a “Task view” button on the taskbar – no word on what this does yet.

UPDATE: Task view allows virtual desktops, and seeing the active windows on each desktop. Windows can be arranged from task view.

UPDATE: Command prompt now has keyboard shortcuts, such as control+v and control+c. Windows can be tiled (1 window in each corner of the screen)

UPDATE: Talking about touch features. The charms bar is still enabled. Apparently, they’re going to change a good deal.

UPDATE: Two-in-one devices will change UI depending on if a keyboard is enabled or not. The UI can enlarge and become more touch-friendly if needed.

UPDATE: Windows Insider Program launches tomorrow. Might be when the public gets the preview.

UPDATE: Build 2015 will be in April. Microsoft will discuss the consumer preview (a much more polished preview than the technical one we’re going to receive) and release dates there.

UPDATE: “Windows 10 is a fitting name because of what’s happening in this release”

UPDATE: Pricing is not being talked about today. This is about the user experience.

UPDATE: Main event is over. The press is off to play with Windows 10!

POST-EVENT UPDATE: Microsoft themselves have put out a blog post and a video about Windows 10, you can find the video below, and the blog post here!

Andrew Bennett

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  • Arty McBert

    They’re still using the same desktop icons from Windows Vista? C’mon already, Microsoft. Those icons are almost ten years old, it’s time to update them already.

  • Andrew Bennett

    The Windows Explorer icon is updated – I’m expecting even more to happen

  • Arty McBert

    I hope you’re right. Maybe what we’re seeing now is the consumer preview, kind of like how the CP of Windows 8 had an updated Aero Glass but the final version ditched it for non-transparent flats.

  • Andrew Bennett

    This is the technical preview right now – the earliest preview. Consumer preview will most likely be at April during Build 2015.

  • Ryan Lawson
  • Guest

  • Guest

  • Andrew Bennett

    Threshold was a codename. Longhorn was the codename for Vista. Whistler was the codename for XP. 7 was both Blackcomb and Vienna.

    Nashville was Windows 96 but that never saw the light of day 😛
    The list goes on and on

  • Guest

  • Andrew Bennett

    (I admit, I’ve studied the pre-reset Vista builds – Yes, Vista’s development was reset completely and the Vista we got was butchered. They’re normally called Longhorn since that was what they were called! Post-reset Vista was only called Vista.)
    Gotcha – I personally would like a cool name other than Threshold, 10 is just blegh, but I don’t think Threshold works either.

  • GDI

    Dear Microsoft,

    Please dont be like Apple requiring OS upgrade every year. This is just disastrous for us hobbyist developers who take several years to release one project and sticking to long-running stable IDEs and don’t like the rug being pulled out under us.

    Why do HTML5 games look so much more appealing right now? Because it’s a race to keep up to date on native app publishing.

  • Andrew Bennett

    One of the things noted for ENTERPRISE USERS was the option to only obtain updates after a period of time that they set. So for example, say Windows 10.1 launched. Enterprise users who set to receive updates after they existed for two months could receive them after they existed for two months. I can understand MS trying to unify things but I’m pretty sure they’re going to be as loose as they have with multiple OS versions before.

  • 33

    Windows 10: All the things we should have done with Windows 8.

    I’m just going to stick with Linux and my outdated Windows machines.

  • What happened to Windows you say, simple your Windows 7 eight our Windows 9…I’ll see myselft out now!