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The science fiction MMO Wildstar will be going free to play this fall, the Wildstar team revealed today with an announcement video.

The move had been heavily rumored for some time given Wildstar’s rocky start since the game launched last year. Since then, the game has struggled to maintain subscribers for the retail price of $59.99 and a monthly subscription of $14.99.

The team behind Wildstar spoke on the recent announcement, claiming part of the reason for the massive switch is because of the team’s goal to bring more players in to experience Wildstar. They also spoke on what “free-to-play” means to them.

Players can acquire the game, create an account, login and play through everything the game has to offer without spending any money, so yes, we do mean free.

That said, we will also offer completely optional in-game purchases that cover a wide range of player services, convenience options, and cosmetic offerings.

We place no restrictions on any of the game’s content. Every zone, every dungeon, every raid, every battleground… they’re all available. All players will be able to create characters of every race, class, and path while choosing any tradeskills they like. Characters can achieve level 50 and path level 30, just as they can under the current system. There are some restrictions on services and social functions, however.

They also touched on how the transition will work for players that have subscription time left, or recurring payment options. Players who have subscription time left (say 20 days) will earn that much time in the games’ “Signature” status. Signature status means that all Free service content will be available to them, along with unique bonuses and benefits. These benefits include things like 30 active buy bids at the auction house (compared to the free versions 3 active buy bid limit), joining 5 circles instead of just 1, earning 25% extra currency, and being able to invite into and create guilds.

A full list of the differences between free and signature accounts can be found here.

Did you see this coming? Are you interested in giving Wildstar a chance (or maybe a second chance) this fall when it goes free-to-play? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Alex White

    Well, thats a massive shock ^^

  • Typical

    Isn’t it great how many devs and publishers got duped into the “MMOs make huge money!!” trap? Sorry guys, Great MMOs make big money, you have to be really aboe and beyond what any other $60 game offers to keep people paying for the game over and over again.

  • Azure

    Saw this coming after the games release it was an ok game but not good enough to push into WoW and other MMOs market.

  • Niwjere

    Oh man, did anyone see this coming? I sure didn’t see this coming. Who would’ve thought? /s

    The MMO is the single most stale genre in gaming (thanks, WoW, for such a wonderful template). I cannot wait for MMOs to die, because as evolution teaches us, the closer to extinction something gets, the more rapidly it is capable of undergoing huge changes. Something needs to give in the MMO market — people need to stop using the WoW formula and start experimenting again.

  • Audie Bakerson


  • MonsterGogo


    Didn’t see that one coming.

  • SevTheBear

    Think everyone saw i t coming.

    MMORPG is the most dead beaten horse in gaming. They are all the same WoW clone wannabe and have zero new ideas (just my opinion). I would only play an MMORPG again if I had nothing else to play.

    What kind of “restrictions” they are gonna make will tell how long the game will live.

  • Xepheus

    I love me some Schadenfreude. Karma’s truly a bitch.

  • Audie Bakerson

    For some reason this whole thing sounds incredibly familiar, but I have no idea why…

    Anyone have ideas?

  • chloe

    Not much can be done about this….