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The sequel to the criminally underplayed arcade shoot-em-up Wild Guns will be releasing both a digital and physical copy in North America and Europe on December 20th according to NatsumeWild Guns Reloaded is being developed by the same team as the original game and will feature two new characters who have new weapons and abilities. The two new characters will, of course, facilitate the also new 4 player co-op. It hasn’t been specified if it will be local co-op and online but there will be an online leaderboard.

WildGunsReloaded SS1

PlayAsia (Affiliate Link) is currently listing the price for a physical copy as $29.99 and Natsume hasn’t announced if the digital price will be the same or not. Wild Guns Reloaded will maintain the fast-paced gallery shooting arcade gameplay of the original along with the exquisite wild west meets steampunk pixel art. You can play as Clint, Annie, new characters Bullet and Doris, or all together in multiplayer. You will have the same weapons and abilities as you did in the original game including all of the dodging mechanics like jumping and rolling. The new story sees Annie having tracked down the famed bounty hunter Clint to get revenge on the Kid gang. There are a total of eight stages, each with three zones.

Those who’ve played the original will know that means there are some new stages here too and Natsume says there will be new bosses and special weapons to go along with those stages. The Japanese digital release is slated for December 13th so if you’re feeling particularly impatient and you have a Japanese PSN account then you can snag it then, and really the only Japanese text is the menus so it’s import friendly. The Amazon release of the game will include a “limited edition mystery goodie” according to Natsume’s website so if that sounds interesting to you Amazon might be the place to pick it up.

For those who haven’t played the original Wild Guns it looks like this will be a good opportunity for you to jump in. You can check out the trailer here and see if you agree.

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  • Agt_Pendergast

    Holy smokes, I almost forgot about this. This game was pretty awesome. I actually played it the first time when it came out on the Virtual Console, and I’m not sure how to describe that feeling while playing. After playing some modern shooters (fps and tps), this felt like a breath of fresh air. Where the gameplay was designed to be fun and in depth rather than hand holding and un-engaging. I wish more devs would look to the past and see what made games great. I get the feeling a lot of modern devs are somewhat ashamed of gaming or feel like they are ‘elevating’ it. I don’t want to sound too much like an old man yelling at cloud, but this game helped give me a clearer understanding of what I didn’t like about a lot of popular modern games.

  • bobbyhus