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Welcome to TechRaptor’s Weekly Respawn, a podcast dedicated to gaming and technology. Each week, we’ll respawn with a brand new cast to talk about relevant topics and products. This week, Rutledge is joined by Andrew Otton, Travis Donnell, and Todd Wohling to talk #GamerGate and the other issues in the gaming industry.

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1:40 – Zoe Quinn and the Unfortunate State of the Gaming Industry [TechRaptor]

1:55 – Zoey Quinn: Censorship, Hypocrisy, and Double Standard [TechRaptor]

2:20 – We are not witnessing “The End of Gamers” [TechRaptor]

3:34 – Mighty No. 9 – A lesson in how not to manage a community [TechRaptor]

6:12 – Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is [Kotaku]

6:55 – Good Morning, Orthodoxy #1 [TechRaptor, Series]

10:57 – The Trash Talk During Microsoft’s Conference Was Awful [Kotaku]

19:30 – The STEM Dilemma [TechRaptor]

30:37 – Secret Game Journalist Mailing List, GameJournoPros, Exposed [TechRaptor]

Exposed: The Secret Mailing list of the Gaming Journalism Elite [Breitbart]

38:36 – Book – Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation [Amazon Page]

43:07 – Pro Vs Anti GamerGate – Two Interviews [Mangotron, removed from site]

51:37 – Shadow of Mordor Questionable Review Code Agreement Revealed [TechRaptor]

1:02:41 – The lack of integrity and poor management of the IGF [TechRaptor]

1:08:26 – Good Morning, Orthodoxy! #6: Reflections [TechRaptor]

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  • Excellent.

    I look forward to more podcasts from TR.

  • Pugna

    Just a heads up, the embed isn’t working for me. Might be for some others. Gonna give it a listen now.

  • Nice glad to know theres something to listen to on Soundcloud.

  • Ben Kuyt

    My mom’s gaming interests are mahjong, solitaire, Candy Crush, and songpop. My dad’s gaming interests are pretty much exclusively racing games.

    Different people like different games, or no games at all. My mom might play some Mario Kart if it’s there, but I’d never throw a controller into her lap and tell her to mount the machine gun on the Warthog. It’s just not gonna happen, because she’s not interested. It’s not because of some patriarchal thing, it’s because she’s a human being and has her own interests.

    But if my mom said “Hey, can I get on the machine gun?” Hell yea I’d let her! That’d be fun as hell!

  • BottledWater

    Thanks guys, added you to my newsfeed. Tired of the PC BS.

  • Guest

    Would appreciate a direct download to an mp3, I usually load up my phone with podcasts before work and as an Android user iTunes ain’t the most convenient method for me.