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Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.

In order to get the holiday drop on their competition, Privateer Press recently announced their December releases for both Warmachine and Hordes. December will see the release of the Forces of Trollbloods book along with a pair of new warlocks including Madrak the Great Chieftain and a plastic Pummeler/Thumper model (depending on which unit you’d prefer to field). Circle Oroborus players will be getting a new Gargantuan in the form of the Storm Raptor, along with a new Tharn Wolf Rider Champion solo. Menoth will be getting the sole Warmachine release that month with the Guardian/Indictor plastic warjack kit.

Knight Models recently announced the upcoming Suicide Squad starter set for their Batman Miniature Game. The company’s first two-player starter set will set the Suicide Squad against the Joker’s minions. The starter set comes with a full-color booklet for the game rules, thirteen miniatures, various tokens and markers, and six pieces of terrain in the box: two buildings and four lampposts. No release date for the starter set has been announced as of this writing.

Suicide Squad Knight Models

Image courtesy of Knight Models

Games Workshop released their second Black Crusade supplement this week. Angel’s Blade focuses on the Blood Angels and their battles with the Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter in the Diamor system, backed up by Adeptus Mechanicus forces and Imperial Knights. The 126-page supplement contains updated datasheets for several Blood Angels units, along with new relics, wargear, tactical objectives, nine new formations, and three Altar of War missions. The supplement is priced at $49.50 USD and is available at your FLGS now.

Forge World had several new releases out this last week. The Realm of Battle Mars pattern Imperialis landing pad tile is available now. The 2’ x 2’ tile fits in perfectly with the Realm of Battle terrain system, and is even large enough to hold a Thunderhawk gunship or a Stormbird. The company also released a trio of new head swaps for their Cerastus Knight models, allowing adherents of the Machine God the chance to further customize their Knights. The Cerastus knights are currently priced at £12 GBP available for pre-order and will ship on September 23rd, while the landing pad terrain tile is currently available for £80 GBP.

Imperial Knight Cerastus heads

Image courtesy of Forge World

And finally, European terrain manufacturer Tabletop World recently announced the newest additions to their already impressive catalog with the Fortified Tower and Town Walls kits. The Fortified Tower is a three-piece kit featuring a detachable section at the top to allow for more in-depth and immersive battles. The Town Walls kit is an elaborate series of wall sections designed to fit in with one another to create a fully walled castle or town. The Fortified Tower is priced at 62€ EUR, while the Town Walls range in price from 28€ to 30€, depending on which section you order.

Tabletop World Fortified Tower

Image courtesy of Tabletop World

What news snippets caught your attention? What are you saving your pennies for? Any games you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments below!

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