Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.

First up this week is the release of the second edition of Wild West Exodus over the weekend. The second edition is a complete revamp of the game itself, bringing in a completely new ruleset and mechanics systems along with it. The lore of the world remains largely the same, with several large changes fleshing out the emptier areas from the first edition. The complete rulebook and stat cards for all available factions is currently available from the game’s website to allow players the opportunity to immediately jump into the new world with both feet.

Hex Beast Wild West Exodus

Image courtesy of Warcradle Studios

The company has also released several new units for the game today as well. The Juiced Hex Beasts and a new Civilians miniature set are new and currently available for pre-order, as long as several repackages of front-line infantry units for multiple factions scheduled for release on October 27th. The repackages infantry units are:

  • Enlightened Abomination Seekers
  • Enlightened Abomination Widowers
  • Outlaw/Hex Cutthroats
  • Outlaw/Hex Gunmen
  • Confederate Rebel Scouts
  • Confederate Dixie Snipers
  • Union Skirmishers
  • Union Riflemen
  • Warrior Nation Brave Youngbloods
  • Warrior Nation Brave Hunters
  • Lawmen Deputized Gunslingers
  • Lawmen Deputized Sharpshooters

Upon the release of the second edition of the game, the initial starter sets and posse sets quickly sold out. A representative from Warcradle Studios has stated via the game’s Facebook group that they will be back in stock by the end of the week to meet the growing demand for the game.

Steamforged Games has announced the “Union In Chains” worldwide event focusing on the mercenary Union players for Guild Ball. The various Guilds in the game will be competing to attract various Union members to their team as a permanent addition. The company will be releasing story updates on a weekly basis throughout the event, as well as showing off alternate sculpts for current models up for grabs by the Guilds. Complete details on the event are available from the Union In Chains website.

Privateer Press has announced the next wave of releases for the Grymkin faction for Hordes. This release wave contains Zevanna Agha, the Face Keeper warlock, Mad Caps weapon crew, the Witchwood solo, the Lord Longfellow solo, and the Heretic warlock. This month also marks the initial release of No Quarter Prime, the company’s revamped bi-monthly publication. These releases will be hitting FLGS shelves very shortly, so keep an eye out.

Grymkin Witchwood solo Hordes

Image courtesy of Privateer Press

Games Workshop has announced next week’s pre-orders for Warhammer 40K via the Warhammer Community website. The next release wave will continue with the Death Guard, bringing with it a new set of plastic Plague Marines and the Biologus Putrifier as well. The Biologus Putrifier is a support unit, buffing the damage of blight grenades and giving Death Guard players the opportunity to hurl massive amounts of them at once with the Blight Bombardment stratagem. More details are available at Warhammer Community.

And finally, boutique model studio Raging Heroes has spent the last week releasing waves of models from their second Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter campaign to the general public. In the sci-fi ranges, new heroines are available for both the Sisters of Eternal Mercy and the Void Elves, while the fantasy ranges feature the Sisters of the Orphanage and the Dark Elves. All models are currently available either individual blister packs or in bundles containing 3 heroines giving players a 22% discount compared to purchasing them all individually.

Asharah Raging Heroes TGG2

Image courtesy of Raging Heroes

What news snippets caught your attention? What are you saving your pennies for? Any games you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments below!

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