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Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.

Munitorum-Armorued-Containers-319x330 This Week In Wargaming – June 6th, 2016

Image courtesy of Games Workshop

First up, we have Games Workshop and Forge World’s recent releases. Forge World has some new head and weapon options for the Warlord Titan. The Arioch power claw and Sunfury-pattern plasma annihilator are available for your $200 USD-plus Warlord Titan, along with the Lucius-Alpha pattern head. These pieces run anywhere from £60 GBP to £95 GBP. Games Workshop’s releases this week includes a new Tyranid Broodlord, Tech-Priest Enginseer, and the Munitorum  Armoured Containers terrain set. The new terrain set also includes stats and rules for the various pieces, allowing players to either utilize the terrain to their advantage or allow their opponents to take away their metal boxes.

Corvus Belli announced an update to the ITS 2016 document, adding four new missions. The Engineering Deck mission from the Operation: Flamestrike campaign, Rescue, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Firefight missions have been added to the ITS document, along with some minor tweaks to the tournament rules. The company has also announced some changes to the Official Tournament Manager, allowing tournament organizers to delete a round, as well as the ability to correct any mistakes in results or pairings. Use of the OTM is optional for the 2016 season, but will be required in future seasons.

Raging Heroes published three updates to their Toughest Girls in the Galaxy Kickstarter, dumping lots of model renders onto the Internet. Images of upcoming models from both the sci-fi and fantasy versions are available including the Knights of the Chalice, Dark Elf Harpies, and the Avatar of Shaah. The company also noted a price increase for the retail version of the model due to its sheer size. The model will be available for $95 USD to Kickstarter backers and will retail anywhere from $130 USD to $150 USD. In their most recent update, the company has promised the Pledge Manager will go live this week, allowing backers (like myself) to finally pick their backer rewards.

Avatar-of-Shaah-553x330 This Week In Wargaming – June 6th, 2016

Original image courtesy of Raging Heroes. Image modified to meet TechRaptor guidelines.

And finally, Privateer Press also released a preview for Cygnar for the upcoming Mk. 3 release of Warmachine. The company released several updated unit cards for several units and warjacks. The Thunderhead heavy warjack, Gun Mage Captain Adeps, Stormsmith Stormcaller, Captain Kara Sloan, and Storm Strider unit cards were shown, offering a small glimpse into what’s in store for the faction in the new version set to hit the shelves later this month.


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