Hello, TechRaptor readers. I apologize for no column last week; technical issues on my end kept me from getting pretty much anything done. So this week’s edition will be covering the last two weeks of events and news you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming.

First up is lots of news from Games Workshop. The company recently announced the return of the monthly White Dwarf. Starting in September, the magazine will be released in the 156-page format of old. Digital editions of the magazine will still be available as well. Games Workshop is also offering an introductory subscription price of $80 USD for a one-year subscription. The magazine will be sold in Games Workshop stores, gaming stores, and independent vendors for $9 USD.

Image courtesy of Games Workshop

Image courtesy of Games Workshop

A new global campaign will soon be kicking off, according to the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Facebook page. The Season of War, announced last week, will begin on July 14th. Fighting on Ghyran, the Realm of Life, players will be grouped together according to their grand alliance for the campaign, and the results will affect the overall campaign and have an effect on the overall course of the Realmgate Wars themselves.

The company is also looking for a community team editor as well, having recently posted a job listing on their website. According to the job listing, the community team editor will be responsible for handling Games Workshop’s upcoming Warhammer Community website as a content curator and editor. These three changes, while important themselves, also show the company is listening to its player base and giving them what they’ve been clamoring for over the past few years. It’s a major shift for a company that has earned a reputation for stony silence when it comes to interacting with its customers and bodes well for the company and its games overall.

Privateer Press released the free .pdf rules for the Mk. 3 release of Warmachine and Hordes. The free version contains all the rules needed for veterans to start fighting for control of the Iron Kingdoms while also giving new players a chance to see what the game is like and how it plays before parting with their hard-earned cash. The full release for the newest edition is set for June 29th.


Image courtesy of GCT Studios

Image courtesy of GCT Studios

GCT Studios recently unveiled the Jung Pirates faction for their 32mm tabletop skirmish game Bushido. There are currently five models in the new range, complete with unit stat cards available from the company’s website. Mari Jung, Ran Fujiwaro, Taru, Temo, and Sho are currently featured in the faction’s announcement. The blisters are set to release during this year’s GenCon convention to coincide with the company’s Wave 30 release.

Warlord Games has two new unit previews on their website slated for release in the upcoming months. The German Volksgrenadiers for their WWII game Bolt Action and the Macedonian Successors War Elephant for Hail Caesar. The Volksgrenadiers are currently slated for a mid-July release, while the war elephants will be stomping their way into your FLGS in autumn of this year.

Corvus Belli announced the mission list for this year’s Interplatetario Tournament. The games will consist of 300 point lists with five rounds on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday’s missions will consist of Frontline, Highly Classified, Supplies, and Firefight. The final mission on Sunday will be Rescue. The tournament will also mark the end of the 2016 ITS tournament season, with the 2017 season to begin shortly thereafter.

The company has also begun releasing teasers about the 2017 ITS season as well. Next year’s season will introduce Satellite Tournaments to the mix. The update is short on details for the moment, but the new Satellite Tournaments will be limited in number, and winners will get a reserved spot for next year’s Interplanetario tournament.

Image courtesy of Outlaw Miniatures

Image courtesy of Outlaw Miniatures

Outlaw Miniatures recently released a teaser image for The Dreaded Seven, an upcoming model release similar to their Ladies of the West bundle for Wild West Exodus. The company plans on having them available for GenCon this year, but is also planning on taking pre-orders at a GenCon-only discount if the models aren’t ready for sale by then.

And finally, Battle Foam had several announcements concerning their product line. The company recently announced the opening of pre-orders for the Imperial White P.A.C.K. system bags. The bags themselves are made with stain and dirt resistant ballistic nylon to keep the bags looking white after many months of use. The company is also taking pre-orders for Guild Ball bags as well, with the bags expected to ship out to customers on July 8th. The company also announced the arrival of Benson Boxes for their bags as well. These small plastic cases are designed to make storing tokens, model bits, and the various small and fiddly parts of wargaming in an easy to organize and access box that fits in perfectly with the P.A.C.K. bag system.

What news snippets caught your attention? What are you saving your pennies for? Any games you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments below!

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