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Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.

First up is Corvus Belli’s recent announcement of August’s releases for Infinity. This month, we’re getting access to the Djanbazan tactical group for Haqqislam, the PanOceania Black Friar with MULTI rifle, the Yu Jing Imperial Agent Pheasnt Rank, the Nomad Corregidor Bandit hacker, and the USAriadna Maverick recon bike. Images of the new models are currently available on the Infinity Facebook page and will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

Image courtesy of Corvus Belli

Image courtesy of Corvus Belli

Privateer Press has several new releases available, along with some coming in the near future for Warmachine and Hordes. A rescupted Ghetorix and the new Legion Hellmouth are available now for Hordes, while Warmachine Cygnar players can look forward to new Black 13th models, along with new Arcane Riflemen. Cryx players will soon be able to add Carrion Thralls to their forces. All new releases currently have a release date of August 31st.

Warlord Games has recently announced the release of the first models for their weird World War 2 game Konflict ’47. The Germans get a unit of Wehrmacht heavy infantry, along with the Spinne light panzermech. The Allies also have the M8 Grizzly medium assault walker as well. All three units are available to purchase now from Warlord Games.


Image courtesy of Warlord Games

Image courtesy of Warlord Games

And finally, Games Workshop has rather quietly released additional models for the Deathwatch, allowing players to bulk up their Inquisitorial detachments. This newest army now has its own Land Raider, Rhino transport, bikers, and captains in both regular power armor and Terminator armor. The company has also released Kill Team Cassius from their recent game Deathwatch: Overkill as a separate unit rather than only having them available in the boxed game.

What news snippets caught your attention? What are you saving your pennies for? Any games you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments below!

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