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If you’ve been playing free to play third-person shooter Warframe then you may already have a pet dog. Yet what if you had a more feline persuasion? Then the newest update is for you, bringing pet cats to the game.

Titled “Specters of the Rail”, this new update adds in a good chunk of content for the PC version of Warframe. The biggest addition comes in the form of a new companion: Kavats, a special breed of cats that come in two kinds. Adarza Kavats can boost your critical chance and reflects attacks back at enemies, while Smeeta Kavats do a lot of damage and can distract enemies with illusions. In a less murder-fueled and more adorable news, now Kavat kittens and Kubrow puppies will wander around your home base for you to play with.

The other big change to Warframe in this update sees Archwing segments being completely rehauled, again. Now the Archwing offers six degrees of freedom, allowing you to further adjust how you move in space. To celebrate this a new support Archwing has been added so you can assist the other players, two new Archwing-based mission types have been added, and two new Archwing weapons have been added as well.

While the Kavats and Archwing updates are the big ones, there are smaller changes being made to Warframe as well. The Star Chart has been redesigned to make it easier to see which levels you need to complete to move on, and also to just look more interesting. The Void has also been added to the Star Chart, meaning you don’t need a Void Key to go there anymore. The Marketplace has also been revised, adding a search bar and reworking the categories to make it easier to navigate. A patch note section can be found here with all the specific changes.

While all of this is now on the PC version, it’s still “coming soon” for the console version. Instead, the console version will be getting the Lunaro update, which has some new features of its own. The big thing here is a new competitive 4v4 game mode that sees two teams passing a ball around and attempting to throw it into the other team’s goal. It’s a bit of a far cry from the usual gameplay, but a cool addition nonetheless. The update also adds a new weapon, some new armor, and new customization features. The patch notes for the PlayStation 4 version can be read here, and the Xbox One version here.

For those interested, TennoCon is going on right now, the new convention for Warframe by developer Digital Extreme.

Warframe is available right now on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and is free to play.

Samuel Guglielmo

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  • people still play this game?

  • WhiteNut

    Doesn’t matter what they do to Archwings. People still won’t play it if its a complete pain in the ass to make any of the weapons or wings as they’ll quickly get bored of the useless default garbage it expects you to perform with.

  • Kev Lew

    top 10 played in steam pretty much every week, a dedicated if muted community. today 44,969current 48,691 peak Warframe (3-4 times the players in warframe as there are in smite (through steam), 0.65 the playerbase of TF2. ). the game has variety of playstyle and an ever increasing volume of combat, support and objective options. F2P helps the microtransactions are well laid out (special looks cost lots, weapons less, inventory slots low per unit) so you can play on a budget (wait for a 50-75% off).

  • Kev Lew

    AW there as a break for the usual, you can farm the weapon parts relatively easily once you have mods for the default gun (which is moderately powerful). default wing is a good defence/attack hybrid. as with any warframe items they just need some basic mods to start kicking out damage.

  • WhiteNut

    If by relatively easy you mean upwards of 20-30 missions involving four rounds of intercept with a wing that tries and fails to be offensive with its only real bonus is the frontal shield couple that with a gun on par with the braton then yes that sounds as about as relatively easy as doing a raid with a team of mags or volts armed with only a skana.

    Lets be real for just a moment, AW has been terrible since its release. It has had only two saving graces and that was “sharkwings” and the Formorian Fleet event (which amounted to a fat lot of nothing in the end).

    They tried something they thought was cool, they failed. They didn’t have a decent Wing selection on launch, drop rates are abysmal, adding yet another rare resource with a dismal droprate, and it begs the question, if those tiny wings can carry a limitless life support system why can we not just take them in to survival missions.

    Now I would have had less qualms with Archwing if they had just kept it separate from Warframes, but no they’ve locked two frames (both of which are really fun) and pretty much a whole planet behind this terrible gamemode.

  • WhiteNut

    It’s not a bad game, play it for a while full time then hit a wall and slow it down a bit logging on for a mission or two every other day or so, logging in every other week to see what deals Baro brings in (maybe see how fucked the market becomes after his visit).

  • Gareth

    I tried downloading the PS4 version, but it wouldn’t work for whatever reason. Oh well, no kitties for me.