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The upcoming JRPG Tales of Berseria has a rather racy costume for one of it’s female characters. After a string of JRPG costume censorship incidents in recent months Dualshockers Giuseppe Nelva saw fit to ask Tales of Berseria producer, Yasuhiro Fukaya, to promise that the outfit would not be changed for the western release. He had this to say on the matter: 

velvet 1

“I promise. Velvet’s costume will surely be the same in the western version. The design of that costume is created by Mutsumi Inomata, and she created that costume based on the character’s concept and setting, and on the storyline. I believe that those who support the Tales Of series like to have exactly the same content as the Japanese version. We believe it’s ideal and the best option to bring exactly the same game experience and design to the western countries. I promise that Velvet is still Velvet in the western version.”

He also relayed a personal anecdote about the situation that seems to show a shifting climate in the industry :

“Fun fact: when I asked the question, something pretty peculiar happened: the lady doing the translation (she is pretty much the “traditional” Tales interpreter. She has been there doing the interpretation for the series for as long as I can remember) didn’t immediately translate my question. Instead, she pointed out: “My personal answer is “I hope so.” It isn’t very often that you see an interpreter take that kind of initiative. Even more so a Japanese one.”

Quick Take

It’s great to see a dev finally grow a spine and draw a line in the sand. Hopefully others will learn from this and start to realize that you don’t have to cave to the offended-by-everything censorship brigade. If you give these people an inch they take a mile, and many are wising up to that fact. Stories like these are starting to give me hope for what lies on the horizon. As Sam Cooke once said “A change is gonna come”

Reagan Cox

Staff Writer

Reagan Cox is a writer living in Kansas. If you can’t find him playing games or in the woods then he’s probably listening to records like the dirty hipster he is.

  • Level99Studios

    Literlaly why I support Tales Of and its producers and developers. This was a great read and I dont usually read articles all the way through and when I do, its usually a skim.

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    Even though I don’t like nudity and risque outfits, I’m still glad the Devs are doing this.

  • Reagan Cox

    Thanks brother!

  • erohakase

    As the tales series has been steadily declining in my opinion, reading that they won’t fuck up the thing that has me most hyped for their next game is a great thing. Both Xillias felt… very meh and not very Co-op friendly, same deal with Zestiria and Zestiria also shafted one of the biggest factors I had when I was getting my hype on.

    I pray the shota character won’t be as annoying as Jude. That alone can make this game better than Xillia.

  • The Dread Cassowary

    hey, I will pre-order if it’s out for PC or wii U because of this.

  • Casey

    Good. I hope more companies have the balls and integrity to start doing this.

  • Reagan Cox

    PC and PS4

  • GrimFate

    If only the Japanese were an oppressed class so then the SJWs wouldn’t interfere with their culture…

  • Galbador

    And now, I will use the money, which I was about to buy all the other games to buy this game, because Yasuhiro Fukaya and his team stand behind their work and this is the important thing. Never ever censor your work, no matter how loud and how nasty people screaming at you. Make a point, make a stand and people will see, that nothing can stop your creativity and dreams!

    Yasuhiro Fukaya, you sir, are my hero!!! *bows*

  • Zepherdog

    Never gotten a chance to get into the Tales Of series, as far as I know it’s pretty different from traditional JRPGs. This however piques my interest, it may be a good place to start.

  • Erud

    Errmm, the interpreter’s reaction needs a bit of context I think, what was the exact question?
    Was it: “Will the costume stay the same?” or “Will the costume change for Western releases?”

  • It’s sad when a developer NOT censoring their game has become news. It’s been frighteningly common of late. Have they no respect for their work or their customers?! >:(

  • Kerberous

    You should start with Symphonia, Eternia (undubbed), Phantasia or Destiny remake. The only new ones even worth playing seem to be Xillia 1 and 2.

  • Kerberous

    As unbelievably stupid as that outfit looks, I really am glad that they didn’t censor it.

  • MusouTensei

    “We believe it’s ideal and the best option to bring exactly the same game
    experience and design to the western countries. I promise that Velvet
    is still Velvet in the western version.”

    What’s so hard to understand?

  • MusouTensei

    What should be the norm is now news and celebration worthy, while of course it’s great that Giuseppe asked that question and got this answer, I wish it wouldn’t even be necessary to ask such a question and worry about those changes.

  • Erud

    Talking about the interpreter, not the producer.