The Steam Wishlist was updated last night with enhanced information and new features. Valve released a blog post that goes over the details of all the new bells & whistles now available to users of their digital distribution platform.

More games come out every day, and the Steam Wishlist is a feature that makes it easy to keep track of games you want but aren’t quite ready to buy right now. Previously, it provided you with a list of games that could be sorted into any order you like. Adding games to the list was a simple as clicking the “Add to your wishlist” button on most Steam store pages. The features were otherwise pretty basic, but they’ve since gotten a¬†pretty big buff with this update. You can see some of the new features in action in our header image.

Each individual wishlist item now shows more information than the previous version. Items on your wishlist will now show the platforms, tags, overall review score, and current price with discount. The “Store Page” button has been removed (you now have to click on the game’s thumbnail to get to the store page), and a new “Add to Cart” option makes it easier to buy items straight off of your wishlist. Games that may have bundles or are more complex than a single title will instead have a “View Details” button.

Valve has also provided some management tools for those of us who are a bit ambitious in listing the games we’d like to eventually own. (My Steam wishlist currently stands at over a hundred individual items.) Customers can sort by a number of factors including the order you’ve placed them in, price, review score, or by a few other metrics. You can elect to show only games, DLC, software, or videos. Finally, you can filter by price, discount, excluding certain types (early access, pre-release, or VR-only), and operating system.

You can check out the new features on your Steam wishlist right now.

What do you think of the changes Valve has made to the Steam wishlist? Do you think it’s an improvement over the old version? Let us know in the comments below!

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