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An update just went live on the Steamworks community page, shared on Reddit by user /u/Xinasha and personally confirmed by our own sources that new updates are coming to the Steam Store. See the original post here.

“When we launched the Steam Discovery Update, we introduced a new and smarter Steam store built around personalization and recommendations. In the time since the Discovery Update, we’ve iterated on the features and made improvements to support the goal of helping each customer find the titles they are most likely to enjoy playing. We think our progress in this direction has been really valuable in supporting a broader variety of gaming experiences big and small, while better serving individual customer tastes. “

In the coming update, we can expect:

  • Home Page Visual Refresh:  Mixing up how the front page appears, removing some visual clutter.
  • Additional Left Column Navigation: The left navigational column will be getting new direct links to main features of the Steam Store, such as New Releases, Top Sellars, Upcoming Titles, etc.
  • Friends Activity: A new section to the right of the front page will be dedicated to showing what your friends have been playing lately.
  • Top Selling New Releases: A brand new section will be added for when a new release becomes a top selling game.
  • Global Customer Preferences: A new feature that will allow customers to customize their Steam Store experience. Allowing them to opt to exclude certain products from being displayed, such as Videos, Early Access titles, Software, VR, etc.
  • Targeted Visibility For New Releases: New changes will be made to how new releases will be targeted to the appropriate customers. The goal is to show the specific customer new releases that will most likely appeal to them.
  • Targeted Visibility For Game Updates: Changes to how Update rounds will be made to be more direct to the customers who would want to see them. Customers who own the game or have it on their wishlist will be prioritized in showing the update.
  • New Steam Curator Options: Noticing that people are using Steam Curator to give information on a title, without necessarily recommending it, there will be new tools that will allow a curator to make a distinction about whether or not they are recommending, not recommending or just giving information about a title. This will also allow Valve to better understand what curated posts should be highlighted on the front page.
  • Curators In Main Capsule: The Main Capsule banner will be updated to include curators that the customer personally follows.
  • Improved Steam Curator Presence: There will be a new section on the Steam Home Page that is dedicated to recommendations from curators. This space will be for recommending more anything from popular releases to more “niche” titles. Additionally, there will be a new landing page to display many recommended titles from a curator.

The update is planned to roll out within the next few weeks and the developers are looking for feedback and opinions on the upcoming changes, as to make sure the update is as good as it can be.

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  • d0x360

    Damn you steam…I already spend way too much money on you please don’t make it any easier I’ll end up getting divorced.

    I probably spend at least $100 a week and that requires digging through curation lists, sales pages and new releases as well as various YouTube channels. If you make it any easier for me to find things ill have to start selling organs.

  • Bruh, $100 a week?! On what? How do you even have time to play all of that stuff?

    I spent like $250 on a Winter sale two years ago and I still haven’t played all of the games I purchased then.


    Ha, same with me. Although I will note that I’ve played maybe half of the games in my library, and play maybe 20% of them on a regular basis, so perhaps I’m still buying too much 😛

  • d0x360

    I work from home 3/4 of the month for 7 months of the year and that time is mostly just waiting for things to happen or quick configurations so I have time to indulge. I also don’t always buy that many per week per say but if you averaged out the year it would come to about that.

    I also generally buy AAA and some indie games at release which is admittedly dumb as I could save by waiting for a steam sale but I’m impulsive when it comes to spending money.

    I’m also buying for 3 people. My wife plays certain games and so does my daughter… my daughter plays most of what I play actually but there are things she likes that I don’t and instead of an allowance I’ll generally let her pick something off steam that’s reasonably priced every couple of weeks.

    There are definitely some games I’ve bought that I haven’t gotten around to but I will eventually. Ill probably slow down on purchases now that forza horizon 3 is out and I’ll divert the money into a new GPU fund. My 290x has been amazing especially with dx12 and the 1 vulkan game so far lol but it’s struggling with Forza. It’s the first time ive had to lower a games settings down from ultra. I’m running with most on medium and a couple on high at 1080p 60 but I get some dips. I knew upgrade time was approaching anyways. Wish more games made use of dx12’s mixed mode gpu capability so I could buy whatever and just have the 290x as a little extra boost but it’s still to early for that.

    Plus we have Gears 4 coming and I know there is zero chance of running that game in all its glory on a 290x…it also doesn’t help that Microsoft and some other companies are now making all their games for 4k which means the highest texture settings chew through vram like it was nothing.

    Hell Horizon 3 uses 100% of the gpu resources with the settings i have now…crazy since the same GPU runs doom at 1440p ultra and max AA at 130fps… although to be fair Horizon is open world and has higher resolution assets and a single car has about as many polygons as everything on screen in Doom..add in all the tessellation, parallax occlusion mapping, HDR lighting, PBR lighting and a bunch more resource heavy visual effects and you find a game that really pushes the limits on anything but the newest GPU.

    Jesus that’s enough rambling for me…

    Have a good one

  • FlamingoJet

    Or you could just stop buying things.

  • jaygerbomb

    People…. actually play the games they buy on Steam? What madness is this?