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Valkyrie Crusade has reintroduced Special Select Summon for the end of A Celestial Shrine Visit, with two more Great Damage cards. These cards will be added to the Premium Summon Special Select Summon summons 2 cards and allows the player to choose which card they want to keep. The chance of summoning Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards is being increased by 400% for this Summon option. Each summon costs 300 jewels and the promotional cards for this summon are Melodica and Baku.

Melodica Melodica_H

Melodica is a Light Attribute Ultra rare that can be awakened. At level 1, her skill, Merry Melodica, buffs all Light Attribute allies’ attack by 350% at a 15% chance. After awakening and maxing out her skill, Merry Melodica will buff Light Attribute allies’ attack by 450% at a 20% chance. The skill can proc only once, but offers a very strong buff for those looking to overkill in the Elemental Hall.

Melodica also does up to 15x damage to current archwitches while awarding up to 50% bonus subjugation points for those kills. But her best use will be in the Elemental Hall or on another Light Attribute team, like a Mochitsuki team.

Baku Baku_H

Baku is the other promotional card for Special Select Summon. She is an awakenable Super Rare and a healer. Her skill is called Sweet Dreams and will heal all allies for 30% of their maximum health (determined by health at the start of the battle) at level 1. After awakening and maxing the level of her skill, Sweet Dreams will heal all allies for 70% of their maximum health, at a 20% proc chance. The skill can be proc’d 4 times per battle but due to the risk involved in relying on a healer (if they die, it puts the player in a bad spot) in an Archwitch hunting team, Baku has limited use in hunting teams.

Special Select Summon will be open until 14 January, 11:59 (JST) so if you’re in need of a healer or a Light attribute buffer for Valkrie Crusade, then give it a shot and try to grab Melodica or Baku!

Gina Awed

I play a lot of phone games nowadays because I'm a sucker for anything with a cute anime girl on it.

  • I have a suggestion for you techraptor writers. If you’re gonna write an article about a game could you please put this on top before the main article:

    Name of the game
    genre perhaps
    has macro transactions yes/no
    how it was obtained (disclosure and all that)

    This isn’t the first article where I had to google to find out on what system the game being talked about is. Oh and to the author a short intro on what this is or a link to the description of the game would appropriate I think. This is your second article I’ve seen about this game but nowhere does it state what is it about. Not everyone is familiar with it 🙂

  • coboney

    Hey Tessara,

    Thanks for getting in contact. On news pieces like this we don’t always include that information there because the information is the news itself. System is something we are working on making more visible potentially in our new theme but that is likely to be more of a tag system then anything else because of the amount of multi-system releases. On microtransactions – that’s a tougher one because of the amount of paid games and such that do – though i imagine your issue is more on the free to play there like this.

    As for obtained – we write a good amount of news on games that aren’t out or by people who don’t own a particular game. We do link to the source in article if we got it from a website or other similar source – in Valkyrie Chronicles its in-app info and from what I gather from the writer its a free to play one (I honestly don’t know mobile that well)

    I do think Gina is working on an introduction piece which will make sense to link. The issue with putting all that info there is that when a game is getting repeats there its copying the same paragraph over and over essentially which will also not tell people.

    We do however, include most of that information in many of the indie news stories we write in general as part of our goal of value added news in general as I agree that providing people with that information on smaller titles is worthwhile.

  • Well doesn’t really matter where you put on what system it is as long as its visible so I don’t have to look around I guess :). On macro transactions (nothing micro about them for a while now), no, I don’t mean f2p. That’s a given, have to make their money somehow. I’m sure you noticed but there is a growing trend on stuffing them in places where they don’t belong like 50-60€ games (Rise of the Tomb Raider for instance) so I think having that information clearly visible would be a nice touch (like in Jim Sterling’s reviews) but as long as its mentioned its ok. As for obtained/source, was thinking more about reviews, if I’m not mistaken writers here have that thing on the bottom usually. Was thinking putting all those things on top would help more for visibility sake than anything else 🙂

    About this particular bit of news. I didn’t mean she should write an essay about it, one sentence would suffice. This is a card game with cute anime girls, heres the link to the store, read description, done :).

  • coboney

    Reviews are something we definitely need something like that on there and it is something we’ve discussed. News and Reviews are a bit different in that way.

    As for why it’s at the bottom right now – that has to do with theme limits and we are working on a redesign where we can hopefully address some of that but with our current theme its either we put it at the bottom or at the top – not much space. Putting it at the top causes some issues for readers as well as google so we opted for now for putting it at the end.

  • RocKM001 .

    I tend to skip out on these… I’m far too casual scum to invest that much funds on card Gacha xD