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Valkyrie Crusade: Desert Dreams

Gina Awed / February 12, 2016 at 9:55 AM / Gaming, Gaming News

The new event in Mynet’s mobile card collection game Valkyrie Crusade has now begun! This event, Desert Dreams, features the exclusive event map “City in the Sand” and will run from 12 February, 2016 12:00 JST until 28 February, 2016 11:59 JST.

Whilst traversing the City in the Sand map, players will encounter two different regular Archwitches, Aladdin and Lamp, as well as the Fantasy Archwitch, Genie. This event also brings a new Legendary Archwitch to the field, Cleopatra.

Archwitch Rewards

Aladdin 236x330 Aladdin H 236x330   

SR Aladdin

Aladdin will be available on as an Archwitch Subjugation Reward for City in the Sand Areas 1-3. She is a Light Super Rare buffer. Her skill, Heart of Gold, raises the attack of all Light allies by 100% and has a 20% proc chance at level 10.

Lamp H 236x330 Lamp 236x330

SR Lamp

Lamp will be available as an Archwitch Subjugation Reward for City in the Sand Areas 4-5. She’s a Passion Super Rare critter. Golden Head Butt deals critical Passion damage to a single enemy at a 20% proc chance once leveled to max.

Genie 236x330 Genie H 236x330

UR Genie

Genie can be encountered on the City in the Sands map after defeating a level 50 or higher archwitch or directly encountered in Bonus Areas and Witch Gates. She can also be obtained through amalgamation of High Super Rare Aladdin and High Super Rare Lamp. She is a Dark Ultimate rare self super buffer. Her skill is Make A Wish and raises her own attack and defense by 400% at a 10% proc chance.

Ribbon Of Change 236x330 Ribbon Of Change 1 236x330

GUR Goth Genie

Goth Genie is only obtainable through amalgamation. Players who rank top 2000 or better will receive the card Ribbon of Change which can be amalgamated with GUR Genie to get the exclusive card Goth Genie. Goth Genie gains a damage increase and now increases her own attack and defense by 500% at a 10% chance.

Cleopatra 236x330 Cleopatra H 236x330

UR Cleopatra

The Legendary Archwitch, Cleopatra, can also be encountered by defeating high level archwitches or by direct encounter in the Bonus Area. She cannot appear in Witch Gates. Her skill, Queenly Commands raises all Cool allies attack by 250% at a 20% proc chance. After awakening, she gains a second skill, giving her a 20% chance to go on standby to nullify an enemy skill.

Witch Gate Archwitch Rewards

Catagion 236x330 Catagion H 236x330    

SR Catagion

Catagion’s skill, Viral Kiss, deals 350% damage to all enemies and absorbs 10% of that damage. Her skill has a 20% proc chance but more importantly, Catagion is one of the amalgamation materials for Catcine who is available only to those who collect her amalgamation pieces during the event. Catagion will also be available as an Elemental Hall Panel Reward.

Seducir 236x330 Seducir H 236x330

SR Seducir

Seducir’s skill, Cat Charm, reduces all enemy attack stats by 25% with a 20% proc chance.

Bertina 236x330 Bertina H 236x330

SR Bertina

Bertina’s skill, Beast Blood, raises her own attack by 300% at a 15% proc chance.

Limited Amalgamation Reward

Catcine 236x330 Catcine H 236x330

UR Catcine

Catcine is an Passion Ultimate Rare counter attacker. Her skill, Catcine’s Vaccine, reduces damage taken by 80% and then counter attacks 800%. Catcine is only available via amalgamation during this event; her materials are High Super Rare Catagion and High Super Rare Laperm.

Laperm 236x330 Laperm H 236x330

SR Laperm

Laperm is available as an Elemental Hall Panel Reward and is needed to amalgamate Catcine for those who want her. Laperm’s skill is Cat Medicine and freezes all enemies for 3 turns. Cat Medicine has a 15% proc chance at level 10.

Ranking Reward

Molly 236x330 Molly H 236x330

UR Molly

Molly is a Cool Attribute Ultimate Rare. Her skill, Dancing Queen, deals 650% damage to the enemy twice at a 15% proc chance. She is available to all players ranked 1000 or better, with players raked 300 or better receiving two copies of her.

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