Action role-playing game Valkyria Revolution (Valkyria: Azure Revolution in Japan)launched in Japan on January 19, 2017, but won’t be coming West until Spring. Recently, it has received three new DLC missions in Japan that shine light on different parts of the story.

Valkyria Revolution

Screenshot of new Valkyria Revolution DLC.

The first Valkyria Revolution DLC mission is called “A Day For Wolves” and costs 100 Yen. The content revolves around character Fleet Ericksen, a journalist who is part of the “Five Grave Sinners”. After purchasing and downloading the DLC players will need to access Bernard’s diary after completing chapter 4 to play this new mission.

The Men’s Elegy” is about the men of Vanargand, the Jutland Kingdom’s anti-Valkyria special unit. The content will cost 200 Yen and can be accessed early in the game from Bernhard’s diary after completing chapter 1. “Soloists of the Battlefield” is the third DLC mission available for 100 Yen. It focuses on the humongous scythe-wielding Valkyria, Brunhilde. Players will be able to access “Soloists of the Battlefield” from the diary after finishing chapter 9.

Valkyria Reolution

Screenshot of “Soloists of the Battlefield” DLC mission.

All three of these DLC missions are available now for Japanese gamers and more downloadable content is planned for Valkyria Revolution. Free story content for the game has been announced to release on February 16, 2017. This story DLC will explore the character General Maxim, a rival to the game’s heroes. Called Side Story: Ragnite-Bodied Soldier, The Name Is”, this content will explain more of young Maxim’s backstory and make him a playable character after completing the game.

All of this new content will be fully voice acted. The paid DLC is available in Japan now and the free Maxim story will be releasing on February 16th. It is not known whether this content will be available to Western audiences when it is released here in the Spring on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One.

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