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The former PS3 exclusive is set to launch with a $20 price tag, along with all of the previously released DLC.

The now multi-platform title has a confirmed release date of November 11th, which seems oddly fitting, considering the time period. Although personally I have never played this game, the interesting setting, enthusiastic reviews, and intriguing art-style have always made this game something I had always wanted to try.

With the game set to be released on Steam, there probably is a whole bunch of curious gamers that will push this game to the top of the best-sellers list. Hopefully, the implications of this release could lead to PC ports of games that Sega have kept under lock and key, along with other publishers. Are there any games that you personally want to see on PC?

However, before we get too caught up with ourselves, let’s hope that it is a better port than some of the more recent additions to the Steam library.

For those of you who (like me) have never played Valkyria Chronicles and want to know what it is about, here is a summary of the story leading up to the beginning of the game.

Set in a fictitious continent reminiscent of 1930s, Valkyria Chronicles depicts Europe divided in two and ruled by two super powers: the Empire and the Federation. The Empire has set its sights on invading a small neutral country called Gallia, situated in the middle of the two superpowers territories, in an attempt to secure invaluable natural resources. Within this struggle a hero named Welkin, and his fellow soldiers of the Federation’s 7th Platoon, are fighting back against the invasion and the Empires attempts to unify the continent under its power.

During the ensuing war the Federation discovers that the Empire possesses a secret weapon, known as the “Valkyria” – an ancient race with special powers thought to exist only in legends. With this new discovery the fate of the Federation’s ability to turn the tide of the war, and the hope for a better future, hang in the balance.

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  • eltonBorges

    I hope they also decide to release more clasics, like JSRF or Panzer Dragoon, or the PSP games from this franchise.

  • Zepid

    I want to see an HD remake of Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger on PC.

  • David Kapostasy

    If they can get Akira Toriyama to do artwork again, I’m down with a new chrono trigger game.


    They tried that with Blue Dragon, it was a spectacular failure. The only thing with Toriyama’s art now is DQ.

  • Kadayi

    Cool beans.

  • I would like them to release everything on pc. Naturally I expect any ports to be done properly.

  • Zanard Bell

    Now that’s what I needed: an influx of JRPGs on PC. Here’s hoping Tales series isn’t far behind.

  • Zepid

    While we are at it bring Lost Odyssey to the PC as well.

  • lucben999

    Bring Vanquish to PC!

    Imagine Vanquish with a mouse, it would be glorious!

  • Death Saved

    Sega on twitter has confirmed that the game will support 60FPS as well as resolutions of over 1080p which will be rendered natively (no Upscaling).