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Long-time PS3 exclusive Valkyria Chronicles – the WW1/WW2 inspired sRPG – has been confirmed to be getting a release on the PC. Little more details were given, though SEGA confirmed today’s rumors of a PC port in a tweet posted earlier today on the companies official twitter – found below.

Valkyria Chronicles originally released in 2008, and immediately became an early favorite of the PS3’s library. A PSP sequel was published in early 2010, but the series’ final game – Valkyria Chronicles 3 – has yet to make its way overseas. Today’s announcement continues what seems like a trend of various large Japanese publishers/developers porting many of their older titles to PC – some examples of which being Square-Enix’s recent Final Fantasy XIII trilogy port; or XSEED Games’ re-release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky’s PC version for the west.

Regardless of whether or not this trend will continue – jRPG fans on PC continue to get new opportunities to support the Japanese gaming industry on PC. We will update you with more information on the recently announced port as it comes in.

James Galizio

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  • Fenrir007

    Posted this in the Sega forums and I will repeat here:

    They really have to rebalance this. I heard so many people mention they like the mechanics, the art but hate the fact that the game requires 0 strategy due to scout spam + orders. They really need to rebalance that shit, nerf scouts, severely nerf orders and possibly buff engies and snipers (so we remember they exist).

    Will definitely buy it, though, especially since Sega PC ports, unlike some other shitty companies, are usually 10/10.

  • I can’t wait!

  • 33

    I haven’t had the pleasure of playing this game yet but considering the issues with PC ports (which TechRaptor has commented on) I’m more likely to get the PS3 version than a PC port.

  • James Galizio

    It may be anecdotal, but most modern-day SEGA PC ports that I’ve tried have been pretty top-notch. I wouldn’t decide your platform just yet…

  • Michael Weir

    love this game have it one the ps3. but I use pc more and would love to play it on there

  • This is sweet. Know a few people who really like this games, think this will make them happy. Might try it out for myself.

  • JackDandy

    Best news ever.

  • Good news, hopefully they won’t fuck up the port.

  • lucben999

    Did they start listening to the SEGA PC ports petition? This is wonderful news! Please for the love of God let Vanquish come to PC.

  • 33

    True, it does depend on the company, but I will wait and see. PS3 is more convenient for me, but if there’s enough positive changes I’ll go for PC.

    Either way it’s nice it’s getting a re-release.

  • DoombotBL

    Holy shit yes I wanted to play this so bad but never got a PS3

  • Drunk Lost Knight

    I hope this is a sign of Sega being more willing to release titles on PC. Would really like to see Bayonetta and Vanquish next.