As far as rocky starts go, the rebooted Star Wars Battlefront has to be in the top 10 list of rockiest starts ever. The graphically impressive, but ultimately shallow, team-based shooter set in that distant galaxy far, far away had one of the biggest open betas ever but soon after release, it became apparent that the game, in its current form, had some trouble in the longevity department.

In a bid to further stabilize the waning player base, developer DICE is slowly, but surely, addressing some of the major concerns players had when the game got released late last year. So far DICE has added a number of free content updates to the game, such as new maps and weapons.  Season pass holders also got a few new heroes as part of the Outer Rim pack.

Now that DICE is preparing to release the second big content update (more on that later) for season pass holders, the developer has also outlined their continued free support for the game in a blog post on the official Star Wars Battlefront forums.

Coming to the game as part of multiple free updates are new in-game events like double score weekends, community missions that need to be completed by everyone playing the game together and special log in weekends where logging into the game gets you a little bonus. New Hutt contracts are also coming, which players can complete to unlock new Star Cards. In addition to all this and a special upcoming event to celebrate the 4th of May, DICE is also adding some new offline functionality to the game, directly addressing one of the biggest complaints people had with Star Wars Battlefront. What this new functionality might be is as of yet unknown.

The second big content update for people who own the season pass is also coming! This expansion, titled Bespin, features content set against the backdrop of the familiar city in the clouds and adds 4 new maps for the most popular modes. This update also comes with a completely new set of Star Cards and 2 new heroes: Lando Calrissian and bounty hunter Dengar (who doesn’t know him?).

This second expansion pack is scheduled to be released at some point in June, with a third, Death Star-centric, expansion pack coming after that. A fourth expansion is also coming but what might be contained in that is as of yet unclear.

Are you playing Star Wars Battlefront? What do you think of the content that has been added so far? What do you think of the upcoming content? 

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