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Yves Guillemot takes the stage for the final game in the Ubisoft showcase, a new open world sports game called Steep.

Combining action sports with fully explorable open world, Steep will give you a chance to challenge your friends and the community. 

We cut to several daredevils giving voice over about their skydiving and base jumping skills, before we cut to skiing and base jumping in engine. We see a mix and match of snowboarding, skydiving, base jumping, skiing and other extreme sports, all located in on a snowy mountainside in the French Alps.

The new Mountain view engine is also shown off, allowing players to zoom in and out of the world as their leisure, and use drop zones to drop in and out of the world at will for the player. All around the map, we see different activities and challenges, from flying races to time attacks, scattered across the map, including a free dive, and then cutting to a snowboard race. Ubisoft is also partnering with GoPro to provide players the ability to replay previous races and tricks, pause and control the angle of the shot, go in slow motion, among other things to create the perfect, photogenic angle of your stunts or crashes on the fly.

The main objective with Steep is an open world experience that is shared between players. While there will be solo challenges to contend with, the major push for the game is interactivity with friends, both in races, challenges, and just exploration of the landscapes around you. 

In addition, you can look up friends in Steep and challenge them on the fly to various skill jumps at your leisure around the mountain. This is done through the Trail feature, where you can set up customized challenges based on the trails and pathways left behind by yourself or your friends online. 

The video ends with Ubisoft showing off the gorgeous vistas of Steep, as a player character flies off into the sunset with their parachute open. 

Steep is planned for a December release. Find more of our E3 coverage at our E3 2016 Coverage Hub.

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