For what all the fans of the franchise want, more information about Rainbow Six Siege. This news comes on top of the news we heard from the Microsoft press event earlier today. We get to see a trailer revealing some plot of the threat of the terrorists that are present in Siege that the Rainbow Six need to take on. We are introduced to the deputy director of Rainbow operatives who is simple names Six, she is modeled and voiced by Angela Basset.

The community developer, Genevieve Forget, takes to the stage to give us some more information about the game. The first announcement is that Terohunt is returning pitting a team of players against some of the hardest AI in the history of the Rainbow Six franchise. In this gameplay they show just how careful and precise you have to be as you plan your way into the building. The team on the floor show how in sync and communicative you have to be in order to pull off this game mode with as little casualties as possible. Terohunt classic will also be available in the game as one of the four game modes. The beta will be available on all platforms starting on September 24th and will allow you to play PvP as well as Terohunt.

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