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There has been great excitement as the Halo: Master Chief Collection nears its launch date, but there is one snag that the game’s development director insists is a non-issue: that there will be a 20 GB launch day patch for the game. Why?Everyones+pissed+off+about+the+console+and+im+just+sitting+ 3f28d822687f8b60b8ce603c0fd3e5f2 -  Halo: Master Chief Collection: Why Not Two Disks?

For Microsoft, two disks wasn’t ‘practical’ for the Collection, with Halo franchise development director Frank O’Conner stating that the game was “designed to run as a single, unified product… we also wanted disc users to have the same experience, without swapping discs.”

Of course, one could easily remember that Halo 4 was released with multiple discs less then two years ago, and there were no problems there. There was no major outcry last generation, as publishers were happy to release games with as many as four different discs, so why should it be a problem now? Logically, there is nothing stopping developers from using a second disc, but there may be an explanation for a patch of this size.

There would be a definite cost in adding another disc, along with the fact that the game recently went gold. The developers could have simply run out of time, and the enormous 20 GB patch could be the result of a looming deadline.

There is also the fact that many users have very low download speeds and caps per month, which was even noted by O’Conner, who said that “I personally have pretty lame internet and I am doing everything via wifi, but my installation and immediate play were all pretty buttery.”

This makes it perfectly OK, of course, as Microsoft is not paying for your internet bill. You are.

This is not an entirely new concept either, as day-one patches are repeatedly becoming the norm. Rather then delaying a game for a week or so and potentially jeopardizing millions in lost sales, publishers and developers are beginning to heavily rely on patches in order to finish a game. Patches are indeed a good thing, but seriously, 20 GB? That is more then most games.

Thankfully, players can play the game before the patch is complete, but only for the offline campaigns for Halo 1-4. For those blessed with quick internet speeds, the multiplayer battlefield may be a little empty for a while, as excited players will come home to watch a patch install on their next-generation console.

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Halo: Master Chief Collection is in stores November 11th.

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Patrick Perrault

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  • If it means saving a few dollars or ripping them out of your wallet these companies are all to ready and willing to fuck you over. Don’t get me wrong I think this collection will be fantastic but day one patches are unacceptable especially if they are announced before the fucking game is even out and the same shit goes for dlc’s.

  • Cy

    It’s not a big deal, IMO. I’ve never complained about multiple discs, but one of the selling points of the MCC to me is the seamless “one menu” experience that they promise. I can wait an extra day for the MP.

  • Cy

    I fail to see how a free day one patch is “ripping money out of my wallet”…

  • Arty McBert

    How big is the game in its entirety? I fear I might have to invest in a secondary hard drive or at least wait for SSDs to lower in price.

  • Brian Hoyt

    The Xbox One was designed to coincide with the dawn of the disc-less era. Just as game moved from non-patchable cartridges to non patchable discs to patchable discs, we are seeing an evolution from patchable discs to discs that require full hard drive installs to no discs hard drive installs.
    The original design for this generation would have seen the beginning of the death of disc based games by now. I pre-ordered this game by digital purchase and it is currently installed on my machine waiting for the release date to be playable. Not only will I not be waiting on a day one patch, I won’t be waiting in line tonight to pick up a physical copy of the game. Not only will I not need to swap discs to play the various aspects of this collection, I won’t have to put a disc in to play it at all. I simply have to say, “Xbox Go To Halo: The Master Chief Collection”!
    If not for the outcry last summer (by the same group, coincidentally, that declared gamers dead this summer) I would be able to share my digital purchase with 10 of my friends.

  • Brian Hoyt

    I had the same fear, so I went ahead and bit the bullet. I bought a usb 3.0 external 1TB HD at Best Buy (I had $50 in gift cards from my b’day last year) for $69. I think it was a good investment.

  • Reading comprehension & importance of context.

  • Cy

    Wanna go into more detail? Because I read it again and it still seems like you’re complaining about having to pay for a free patch. Unless you’re trying to say that your tacked on comment about DLC at the very end is your example of “ripping money out of your wallet”. If it is, that’s pretty poor argument structure, irrelevant to the article and not even true since no one is forced to buy DLC.

  • No.

  • Ben Kuyt

    Halo 4 was released on two disks because for a couple reasons. 1. DVDs didn’t have as much space as blu-rays, and 2. The Xbox 360 was not suited to have installs of such magnitude. Not all HDDs were the same size, unlike now where the Xbox One only has 2 sizes, 500gb and 1tb. So it made sense. I’d rather have a seamless experience for something like this.

  • Andrew Stretch

    The game in it’s entirety is 60 GB, this is all 4 campaigns as well as the multiplayer, day one patch could be preinstalled for digital copies