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Ahead of their IPO, Twitter recently has updated their website,  Android and iOS apps to show inline image and video previews. Some people are enjoying it, others believe it to be a major annoyance. It’s a good new feature, but if you aren’t enjoying it…here’s how to turn it off.

While you can’t turn it off on the website (yet), you can turn them off on the mobile apps.


  1. Go to your Profile Page
  2. Tap on the Gear Icon, then ‘Settings’
  3. Scroll down and either un-toggle or un-check the ‘Image previews’ option.

And there you have it, previews no more!

JR Moore

JR Moore is the Former Chief Editor at TechRaptor. When he's not living life, he's connected to an Xbox, a phone or tablet checking out the latest and greatest.