Visual novel Trinoline has launched on MangaGamer and is now available for purchase. This game is the second-to-last title released by the now-defunct Japanese visual novel company minori and it’s sure to provide an intriguing sci-fi story that questions the underpinnings of human nature. There may also be a spicy scene or two for players to enjoy, too!

Check out the Trinoline Promotional Video to get a feel for the game’s story and atmosphere:

Trinoline has players taking on the role of Shun Nanami. His sister Shirone tragically drowned in the ocean a long time ago. Shun managed to move on with his life. One day, he heads off to school only to find an android that looks and sounds exactly like his sister, causing these old memories to resurface and blurring the line between what is and is not a person.

Players will work their way through the game, discovering a finely-crafted narrative created by a visual novel company that was in business for nearly two decades. Aside from the android TRINO, you’ll also meet his longtime friends Yuuri Miyakaze and Sara Tsumugi, a pair of lovely ladies that have been with him since his childhood. Play your cards right and you might just unlock some steamy adult scenes with one of the girls!

If Trinoline seems like the kind of game you’d like to play, you can pick it up on MangaGamer [NSFW] as a digital download for $29.70 or your regional equivalent, a 15% launch discount from its normal retail price of $34.95.

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What do you think of Trinoline? Does the story seem appealing to you or is it not really your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments below!

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