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Correction: This article has been updated to note that Total War: Rome II is not the latest entry in the franchise. That distinction belongs to Total War: Attilla.

Fans of RTS developer Creative Assembly and tabletop publisher Games Workshop had known of a collaboration between the two British titans since their announcement in December 2012. The medium: a desktop strategy game. The IP: nothing less than the Warhammer universe.

Hailed at the time, the alliance was as predictable as a Batman reboot in light of the game’s leak this January. The signs go back much further, however.  Creative Assembly has made Total War in so many localities that it has revisited Rome, the Dark Ages, and the shoguns, and so a fictional battleground was imminent; presumably, Total War: Penguins was considered an inferior choice. Games Workshop, for its part, has a venerable history of grabbing up every worthwhile property license on the island.  Judge Dredd and Lord of the Rings are two of its more famous acquisitions. Now, over two years later, their fruit has begun to take shape in the form of a cinematic trailer for Total War: Warhammer, released yesterday.

A match made in heaven? Perhaps. The enduring appeal of Games Workshop’s pauldron-clad paean to carnage is undeniable, although this is the less popular of the two Warhammer IPs by far – how unfortunate it is to be mistaken as an imitation of Warcraft!  For Creative Assembly’s part, Total War has garnered numerous accolades over the years, but 2013’s Total War: Rome II was so riddled with technical errors that creative director Mike Simpson apologized to fans on the company’s forums.

There’s no question the trailer is pretty. At the same time, this is the business of games, not movies, as many hopeful fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic found out once the cinematic campaign was over.

In addition to content packs, Creative Assembly has promised that Total War: Warhammer will be the first in a trilogy of RTS games in the Warhammer universe, each providing hundreds of hours of enjoyment. The release date is unspecified at this time. For their sake – nay, for the sake of grandiose bloodshed itself – TechRaptor wishes them good luck. What are your thoughts?

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Francis Kelly

I'm an enthusiast writer who grew up in the 64 tradition - Commodore, then Nintendo. In the following years, the Internet has given me both online publishing and online multiplayer. It's a wash.

  • ChrisJenki

    Guys there is a incorrect statement in the article. The apology was for Total War: Rome 2 which is not the newest game in the franchise. Attila: Total War is and it was fine on launch

  • Francis Kelly

    Sorry, will correct. Thanks!

  • Mmmm, greater demon

  • ChrisJenki

    No worries dude. CA and GW are kind of DLC whores though so if you need to replace it with anything you could mention how out of roughly a dozen core races in WHFB they have only mentioned 4 so expect horrible DLC shilling

  • Ricardo Lima

    I share the sentiment Francis great trailer a great dont make. But they make for a good here I come. But overall the Total Wars series has more hits than misses even if TW Rome 2 launch was kinda of a big miss. I hope for the best while being wary of hype as I belive most consumers should be.

  • Pesty

    That was the first horrible thought that entered my mind. That model makes a certain kind of sense for WHFB as a collectible miniatures game, but I refuse to follow the DLC bread crumb train that finally leads to a “finished” game some five years down the line.

  • ChrisJenki

    So to crush your dreams even further so far they have announced:

    Humans (Yes humans not the Empire or Betonnia)
    Vampire Counts

  • Francis Kelly

    You might be right, unfortunately…that needs to be covered when this game gets close to launch.

  • root

    I’m only slightly dissapointed to hear they didn’t call the game Total Warhammer.

  • HisShadowX

    Sorry CA has lost any good will I had to buying new franchises they make due to charging for things like blood in a war game

  • Mark Andrew Edwards

    CA was a good studio once. If this was back in 2007, I’d be more confident.

    And is it me or does the trailer’s ‘story’ make little sense? The whole transformation of the narrator felt off.

  • Zanard Bell

    I think that the only thing I’m really disappointed with that this is not Warhammer 40k.

  • chloe