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Trying to get a hang of school assignments? Have aspirations of getting that Youtube vlog off the ground? Want to be more productive in general? Many of us have hopes of accomplishing goals in our lives, but just can’t seem to organize and execute the necessary steps to do so. But worry no more! These 5 apps (all of which are free) can get you on track with writing, filming, studying, or whatever else you should be doing instead of browsing this website.


myHomework 624x330

The apply named (did you see what I did there?) “myHomework” is designed to help get your school assignments on track. Once you’ve entered in your various classes for the semester or year, you add assignments by simply adding the title and selecting the class from a drop down menu. You can also add due dates, due times, reminders, notes , etc to your assignment, and sort them but type (Homework, Quiz, Reading, etc.) Classes can be color coded and the whole thing is done with a beautiful and minimal design aesthetic. If your teacher is a fossil and thinks cell phones have no place in the classroom, you can access your lists from the website with the same control and options available through the app.

Android Version

iOS Version



Tasks is one of the best checklists on Android right now. Using a sleek, minimal interface, the app allows for easy creation of check lists for whatever your daily to-do lists are. You can separate lists by email if you want to keep your professional and personal check lists separate, or you can scroll through all of them together side by side. The app also features cross device functionality and day/night modes. Currently there is no iOS version available, but if you own an android device, you can download it for free with no ads for 10 days. Past 10 days, ads will turn on and can be turned back off if you buy the app for .99 cents.

Android Free Version

or, if you feel like paying up front.

Google Drive

Google Drive

It’s almost too obvious a choice, but Google Drive really is one of the best free resources for online storage of files.  For the 3 people reading this article who don’t know how to use Google Drive, you can create documents (Google Docs) and store them within assigned files, along with spreadsheets, graphs, and lists. Drive can also be used as a free cloud storage system for your photos, videos, and other files. Google Drive features cross device support and multiple user editing. In other words, you can have 3 people editing the same document at the same time, one at home on their computer, another using their tablet in between classes, and a third on their phone hiding in a bathroom stall to avoid working. The Drive app allows you to make offline edits and new documents that will then refresh on Googles serves once you reconnect to the internet.

Android Version

iOS Version

Google Keep

Google keep logo

Google Keeps strength isn’t in writing long documents like Google Drive. Keep is for quick notes and spur of the moment thoughts or ideas you need to write down in an organized space, without resorting to physical paper like some kind of cave man.  Like every app on this list, you can store your thoughts on your phone and access them later on your computer, in this case via Just like Google Drive you can also store videos and pictures in Keep as well (in case that Starbucks Latte inspired a new chapter for the Sci-Fi novel you’ve been working on).

Android Version

As of now, there is no iOS Version of Keep. However you can make by with this handy app, which “emulates” the app for iOS.

Any.DO is an all-in-one app for notes, checklists, to do’s, reminders, scheduling, etc. With cloud integration, speech recognition, timed reminders, folders, notes, gesture support, calendar access, and can even make you dinner (it can’t actually make you dinner). You can also set up your “ moment”, where the phone will start each morning asking you to set up your day, and reminding you of all the tasks you have today. Another cool feature is location reminders, which allow you to set reminders based on where you are rather than what time it is.

Android version

iOS version

If you’ve been having trouble keeping on tracking and reaching your goals, try some of these apps and see if you can take your productivity in a new direction. Who knows? Maybe a month from now you’ll be the next big thing on Blogger, or finally build that PC you’ve been meaning to get around to. If you have an app on your phone you think should have been on this list, sound off in the comments! I’ll add it to one of the apps on this list, and a few months from now write a second article based on the ones you guys have suggested!

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