I think it goes without saying that zombies are a bit played out in 2016. We’ve seen fast zombies, slow zombies, Nazi zombies, shamblers, boomers, and all manner of undead nightmares. Despite this, there are still plenty of games that need hordes of enemies to shoot, and zombies are your safest bet. Nobody feels bad about defending themselves against green monsters who just want to eat your brainsDouble Death deals in the undead, but in the same way that Final Fight dealt with gang warfare. Zombies are the order of the day, but the varied arsenal you wield against them is the interesting part, and Double Death has that in spades.

The crux of the game’s weaponry is a multiplication problem. Each of the game’s nine weapons can be modified with twenty one different pickups, and each of those pickups stack with each other, leading to over two thousand different possible combinations. We’re not talking about scope and silencers either. The undead can only be truly stopped by utilizing chain lighting and explosive rounds, ideally at the same time. The weapon effects are very pronounced, and the game isn’t afraid to be ridiculous, which only enhances the arcade charms of the title.

Graphically, the game does a great job of paying homage to the side scrollers it draws inspiration from, while also progressing to a distinctly modern class of pixel art. It has the sharp yet cartoony vibe of a Nuclear Throne, especially when looking at the larger and more unique foes shown off in the gameplay footage. The weapon effects also really take center stage, and I can only imagine a full party of players filling the screen with explosions in the game’s cooperative modes.

double death tentacle

I just know that eyeball is going to burst and it’s going to get everywhere. Zombies are so messy.

Double Death comes equipped with a full suite of the modes you’d expect, including both co-op and competitive multiplayer and an arcade campaign for single player zombie slaying. The game is also very much into mod support, advertising full support for customizable gametypes, weapons, and enhancements. This indicates that the already numerous weapons could grow out exponentially if even a few modders take up the cause and give us an iconic weapons pack or two. 

Top Hat Studios have had Double Death up on Greenlight since November, which is practically an eternity in recent times when it comes to Valve’s game submissions service. Perhaps the general populace is finally seeing that zombie fatigue set in? Or perhaps the game was just overshadowed by the latest meme-filled train wreck? In any case, this game deserves some love, and it has my vote. If it has yours as well, head over to the game’s page. Or, if you like to actually play your games before passing judgement, you can always download the game’s freely available alpha demo and give it a whirl. I think you’ll find yourself reaching for another quarter before too long.

Are you prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse that pop culture has told you is coming any day now? What kind of zombie would you like to become if your grave was desecrated by a crazed necromancer? Answer these questions or perhaps ask more relevant ones in the comments below!

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