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Within weeks of Project Titan’s cancellation there have been reports of Warcraft III icons and a Warcraft III background being discovered within the most recent update. Project Titan’s cancellation was released September 23rd, and the Warcraft III art was reported by MMO-Champion on October 2nd and Metzen made statements about how Hearthstone began to sway their opinion of Titan, and proved to themselves that their projects didn’t all have to be of a grand scale. This statement alone implies Blizzard is starting to value smaller projects, what they can do with them, and that going forward these kinds of projects will receive more focus.

That hint alone means more now than we realized. At the time it was believed that this just meant more developers and time would be devoted to games such as Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. The developers from Titan weren’t going to be let go, and the obvious choice is for them to be re-allocated to other games. Initial thoughts were the developers would be divided amongst the current games on to make them bigger and better.

Given all the information we know, a Warcraft III re-release would fit squarely in the realm of a smaller project for Blizzard. What smaller project would be more suiting than an iconic game from their past? Also, during Blizzcon 2013 it was mentioned that developers were working to make Warcraft III compatible with modern operating systems, but only as a side project. I could just be putting two and two together, but the timing, the statements, and the current happenings would lead to believe that Warcraft III is no longer just a side project, and that it now has dedicated resources allocated to it. Assuming that’s the case, we have Project Titan’s cancellation to thank for this.

Jonathan Greenwell

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  • I really want warcraft 3 with native 1920×1080 support

    the support built in is blurry!

  • Alex

    I really want a remastered Warcraft series(even 1 and 2)!

  • Jambo

    Yes please!

  • Lordlundar

    No it didn’t. The WC3 rerelease was in the works for a while. Blizzard originally wanted all three WC games put up at the same time but while the first were relatively easy (as both were coded very close to one another and released within a year of each other) the third game was a massive step up in both coding and time (a 6 year difference) so it needed a lot more work to bring it up to standard. It was more of a coincidence of timing than anything else.

  • No Bullshit Gaming

    Re-releasing the last good game they released?

    Thought it would happen sooner, honestly 😉

  • Nevflinn

    Is there a source on the Blizzcon 2013 claim?

  • Kamon

    I actually know a guy who left Volition to go work for Blizzard to work on Titan. He’s an environmental art guy. I heard about the cancellation a few months ago and he was miserable working there after losing the three or so years he put into Titan. So he’s moving back to the Midwest to go back to work for Volition. It’s just as well. Blizzard isn’t exactly the best developer anymore anyway.