Looking for a new sexy game to play? Nutaku has three diverse titles joining their adult gaming portal. Shinobi Buster is bringing some busty ninja action, lewd puzzle gamers may enjoy Sweet Seasons and visual novel Panzermadels is getting its hentai debut on the platform.

Shinobi Buster

Shinobi Buster

Action adventure game Shinobi Buster follows pretty young ninja Mizuna on a quest of revenge for her father’s murder. Manage her health, lust, and spirit as she searches for her father’s killer who also put a powerful lewdness spell upon her. Discover what erotic encounters you’ll find throughout the fully explorable world.

This DRM-free game features a deep crafting system, collectible gear, and upgrade system.The sexiness doesn’t stop at the interactive adult scenes though, battle includes titillating clothing damage. Both quick-time battles and adult scenes are fully animated in Shinobi Buster.

Sweet Seasons

Strip your way through the seasons in Studio Gamaii’s strategic puzzle game Sweet Seasons. Clear a board of tiles to remove a piece of clothing. Get a girl nude and you’ve won her heart, a gallery of sexy pics and the stage. Work your way through each of the 48 stages to unlock the next season with unique tile properties and one of 4 seasonal ladies to undress.



In Panzermadels Erwin Lenmor gets transferred to a prestigious military academy for armored warfare but something’s not quite right in this new school. Populated by beautiful girls, the school not only teaches about tanks, it actually teaches tanks. The female students really are World War 1 era tanks.

The game includes accurate historical references about WWII as players work their way towards becoming intimate with these tank girls. Decide Erwin’s fate as he chooses who to romance, leading to multiple alternative endings. Originally the visual novel lacked any nudity, however, that has now been rectified. Anyone who already owns the original version of Panzermadels on Nutaku.net can be upgraded to the adult version.

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