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Hello, TechRaptor readers. Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming this past week!

First off is Games Workshop’s release of the Fireslayers, a new faction of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Reminiscent of the Dwarf slayers from the World That Was, the faction currently contains three units: Vulkite Berzerkers, Auric Hearthguard, and Auric Runemaster. Pre-orders are currently available, and the units will be available in stores this coming Saturday. Model previews are currently available on the Games Workshop YouTube channel.

Cool Mini Or Not recently announced the upcoming release of a 2 player starter pack for Wrath of Kings, their new skirmish game released in 2015. Honor and Treachery: Battle for Ravenwood  will feature models for Houses Goritsi and Naiser, and will also contain a quick start ruleset, terrain templates, and unit cards. The starter set is currently set to be released on March 12th, 2016.

Image courtesy of Cool Mini Or Not

Image courtesy of Cool Mini Or Not

Victrix Ltd, seller of historical wargaming models, is currently having a New Year’s sale lasting until the 14th. All plastic sets are 30% off if you spend at least 50GBP and use the code “January” at checkout.

And finally, Corvus Belli has been rather busy in the new year so far. The company not only released new unit profiles for Achilles version 2 and the new Kerail units, but also published an article covering the company’s releases in 2015 and hints of what’s to come in 2016 (hint: expect lots of orange). Corvus Belli also released a small Sniper Shot of an upcoming unit, which looks a lot like a USAriadna Desperado biker in my opinion.

Image courtesy of Corvus Belli

Image courtesy of Corvus Belli

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  • Alex White

    Looking forward to the walking dead game from mantic myself, was quite a surprise announcement.