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Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.

First up is Corvus Belli with the next batch of models to be released for Infinity. We’ll be looking forward to getting the USAriadna Devil Dog teams, Armand “Le Muet”, Corregidor Bandits, Yu Jing Su-Jian Immediate Action Unit, and Hector, the Homerind Champion. Pictures of the new models are currently available on the official Infinity Facebook page.

Image courtesy of Corvus Belli

Image courtesy of Corvus Belli

Raging HeroesWinter Sale has just a few days left. You can get 10% off your order until March 2nd. The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy packs are also available at an additional 16% off during this time as well. These packs also include previously unavailable minis like the Iron Empire Mecha, Jailbird Bikes, and the Kurganova Wereshewolves.

Spartan Games recently released a new video FAQ covering their new game Firestorm Taskforce. Creative director Neil Fawcett and production manager Martin Jones let players know what to expect in the space combat game along with giving people a few peeks at what will be appearing in the future.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Walking Dead: All Out War is in its final hours at the time of writing (7 hours at the time of publishing). The latest perk to be unlocked is the Woodbury expansion. This comes with several additional models from the comic’s Woodbury story arc, a Woodbury-themed play mat, expansion rulebook, additional character cards, equipment cards, and of course, a tank. If you haven’t put any money down yet, act fast!

And finally, in hobby news, Secret Weapon Miniatures recently announced the launch of a new line of acrylic paints. The company, already well known for their scenic bases, washes, pigments, and other painting and hobby products will launch their new paints on March 29th. According to their Facebook page, the paints will not be pre-thinned for airbrush use, but will function just fine in one. Pre-orders will begin on March 14th.

Image courtesy of Secret Weapon Miniatures

Image courtesy of Secret Weapon Miniatures

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