Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.

First up is… crowdfunding! Quite a few campaigns kicked off over the week and as of the time of writing, they are either fully funded or well on their way. First up is Micro Art Studio with a new terrain system for Infinity featuring plenty of scenery, additional vehicles, and a new idea for play mats. Rather than the standard single 4’ x 4’ mat, Micro Arts has decided to create a series of 1’ x 1’ mats instead, giving players a great deal of flexibility when it comes to table layout and design. This campaign is well underway and currently has over $22,000 USD pledged with 20 days to go.

Image courtesy of Micro Art Studio

Next up is a collapsible magnetic case from Feldmaster. The case comes with a collapsible aluminum frame, your choice of either a magnetic or “sticky” tray to hold models in place, and additional side pockets for storing books, dice, and various gaming accessories. The campaign is officially partnered with Corvus Belli, meaning the case will be designed primarily with Infinity models in mind. The campaign has currently raised $2,500 of its $8,500 goal with a month left.

As last up in crowdfunding is Shieldwolf Miniatures with a campaign to redo their Shieldmaiden troop miniatures in hard plastic and resin for other miniatures in their range. As you can probably infer from the name, the campaign will primarily be focused on creating female warrior models, although the campaign also has multiple warbeasts like mammoths, wolves, and bears available as well. The campaign has currently raised over $41,000 USD of its $30,000 USD goal with 10 days left.

Image courtesy of Sheildwolf Miniatures

Two big news stories from the Warhammer 40,000 universe also dropped this last week. First up from Comic Book Resources is news of a 40K comic book series coming to shelves in September. The announcement was made on the ComicsPRO retailer summit in Portland, Oregon, and the series will be produced by Titan Comics. A creative team has yet to be announced by the company.

This week also gave us the release of the Mechanicum Domitar Battle-Automata from Forge World. A new addition to Mechanicum armies for Horus Heresy games, the model’s stats and weapons are currently available in The Horus Heresy – Mechanicum: Taghmata army book. Pre-orders are currently on-going with a release date set for February 26th.

Image courtesy of Forge World

And finally, Privateer Press has announced a sale in celebration of the Kickstarter success for Widower’s Wood. Until March 19th, free shipping is available for anyone purchasing their board games with the code GAMENIGHT for domestic shipping. International orders can use the code GAMEON to receive a $20USD discount on shipping. Full details are available here.

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