Today, ThermalTech has announced their revolutionary solar powered smart fabric. This patented smart fabric will gather energy from the Sun to keep your temperature warm even after the sunlight has faded. With the design of this smart fabric, it means you can have warmer clothes without the extra bulk required for a lot of other outerwear. 

ThermalTech’s fabric is able to use energy from indoor and outdoor lights to raise the temperature 10°C/18°F. The heating process isn’t even that gradual, happening in only two minutes. Not only this, but the material is extremely strong and even more importantly, machine washable, making it easy to have it ready for another day. At launch, there will be three different styles of the smart fabric released: Dark Blue or Green Street for the fashion inclined, Light Blue and Red Explorer for the everyday, and Black or Grey Extreme for outdoor sports.

ThermalTech Style and Temp

If you know where you’re going you can know what to wear

On the topic of the different styles Carlos Cortes, CEO of Thermal Tech, explained:

We believe that by introducing this solar-absorbing fabric into the apparel marketplace, the next generation of outerwear will provide the consumer with even more of an optimal temperature & fit, this will allow everyone from the snowboarder to the fashionista to be warmer in colder climates.

Starting today, ThermalTech is also launching an Indiegogo campaign with the goal being to bring jackets with the integrated smart fabric technology to market. There will also be a limited number of Early Bird specials for 50% off all of the jackets on the Indiegogo campaign page.

What do you think of this new smart fabric from ThermalTech? Would you be interested in picking up a jacket that could warm you up just by being in natural or artificial light? Let us know in the comments below!

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