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The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has been around for a while already. Many people finished it and moved on while others finished it multiple times to explore all the decision branches that CD Projekt Red put in the game. The thing that the latter category of people lamented, is the lack of possibility to start a new game keeping your items and level.

A New Game Plus feature is something to be expected in a game featuring a world vast as the one where Geralt of Rivia rides and many people were baffled by the fact that it was not present at launch. CD Projekt Red just announced on The Witcher’s official Facebook page that the 16th and last DLC of the Free DLC Program will introduce this long awaited feature in the game.

The Witcher 3 DLC New Game Pluis

There’s at the time no detail on the specifics of the New Game + mode. We do not know to what extent the game will allow you to keep your progress (will potion recipes carry on in the new game? What about Gwent cards?) and how the world will be rebalanced to face a level 30+ Witcher from the start. What we know is that it will be not released this week since the guys at CDPR need more time to polish it. Understandable considering they probably had to rethink the scaling system of the whole game.

UPDATE: CD Projekt Red made known additional information about the New Game Plus mode for The Witcher 3 on their official forums. In detail:

  • Experience and player level will carry over to NG+
  • If you were below level 30 when you finished the Vanilla game, you’ll be bumped to level 30 in NG+
  • Money, equipment and alchemy recipes will carry over to NG+
  • Quest items, books, letters, usable items, trophies and gwent cards will NOT carry over
  • When starting NG+ you will have a clearance potion in your inventory in case you want to respec
  • You can select any difficulty level for NG+ (you’ll not be tied to the difficulty you played in Vanilla)
  • You can obtain the Death Match achievement in NG+
  • Monsters will be stronger (it’s not clear if it’s a flat bump to monster levels or there’s a scaling)

Quick Take

I finished The Witcher 3 for the first time only yesterday and I wanted to start it again right away making different choices. I was a bit let down by the lack of a NG+ option just like many people before me. This addition to the game is most welcome even if many would have expected it to come at the get go or to be included as one of the early DLCs instead of the last one. But let’s not look at the gift horse in the mouth. I for one expect this DLC with anticipation.

Did you finish The Witcher 3? Will you start a new game when the New Game Plus option will be available? Let us know in the comments

Luigi Savinelli

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  • The Witcher 3 is making it hard not to play it … Now I need to play it again even though I have beaten it.

  • Ncrdrg

    I know, right? It’s making me want to buy it and I don’t even have the PC specs for it.

  • Typical

    Still working on the first one. Bought the first 2 and they’ve been in the backlog forever.

  • Elmar Bijlsma

    The first felt a bit of a slog to get through. The second was in fact quite excellent to the point of me re-playing it for a “better” ending to bring into the masterpiece that is Witcher 3.I think it was absolutely worth doing it.
    While the impact of the decisions made in the first and second game is in many cases minor, it gives you a better framework for the series. And those times something is referenced that you brought about gives more ownership of the events as they unfold.

    I haven’t gotten to the end of my first play through, what with me exploring every nook and cranny, but my buddies all report wanting to play it again hoping toinfluence ending. This new DLC will be right up their alley.

  • Typical

    Well, I’ve read a couple of the books too, so I’m into the series, it’s just that there is such a backlog in my steam account, it’s killing me.

  • Caio Pontes

    What’s your videocard?

  • Ncrdrg

    R9 270. But that’s not my problem, it’s that I have a i3 3220.