Welcome to The State of TechRaptor: May 2015 Edition, where I’ll break down the accomplishments of May and look to the future (June) so that everyone who reads TechRaptor can be informed of what we have going on!

The purpose of this is to really get our readers involved in our development so that you’re with us every step of the way as we grow. Your input is INCREDIBLY important to us as we grow, because we want TechRaptor to be a site for everyone.

Check out the video, and full breakdown, below!

Statistics for May 2015

May 2015 Pageviews – 267,247 over 211 articles.

May 2014 Pageviews – 26,671 over 71 articles.

Gained 586 Twitter Followers, 131 Facebook Likes, 131 YouTube Subscribers!

Articles from May 2015

WAM! Bam! Narrative Dead!

Todd Wohling – WAM published a report on Twitter harassment that’s just the facts

DeepFreeze could be the future of GamerGate

Allistair Pinsof – A look at DeepFreeze’s potential, evaluating its possible benefits and purpose, as well as discussing some criticisms of it.

How To Get Your Friends and Family Members into Board Games

Evan Hitchings – Looking for tips on how to get your friends and family into board games? This guide tells you all you need to know!

Batman’s Guide to Preording Arkham Knight

Andrew Stretch – Holy preorder bonus Batman! With Arkham Knight coming out shortly it’s time to round up all of the preorder bonuses, and there’s a lot of them!

Everything is Offensive if You Want it to Be

Clint Smith – Digging deep enough can make any artistic work appear offensive.

Playtonic Games – Lied About For Lying

Anthony Lee – Playtonic Games gets accused of lying to their backers about Yooka Laylee’s budget.

Study Shows High Skill Gamers Less Aggressive, Perceive Less Violence

Kindra Pring – A recent study reveals that hardcore gamers were less likely than lower skill players to experience aggression, and recalled less violence in games played.

Jade Raymond discusses game industry structure, sexism

Francis Kelly – Jade Raymond, former Ubisoft executive, has alleged that the gaming industry has structural problems. However, she has specific solutions.

FBI loses control of Megaupload

Matthew Campanella – The FBI has lost control of the seized website Megaupload, which has now been taken over by ad scams and malware.

Do Not Use the Hola VPN

Andrew Otton – A team has researched Hola, a free to use VPN, and found that it has several malicious uses that can used to harm both your computer and Internet access.

Podcasts from May 2015

The podcast will return in June 2015 as a monthly format!

The Dead Linger

I’d highly recommend you check out the video for the full explanation of what happened with the Dead Linger articles, but the short story is such: We posted an article about the current state of The Dead Linger‘s development, and afterwards some former devs reached out, wanting to talk. So we verified them, and did a follow up piece. When the owner of the studio reached out to us, we took a second look and realized we had published a lot of he said, she said, and that just wasn’t what we wanted for TechRaptor. If you’d like to see our reasoning, check out this explanation.

Anonymous sources

After our Dead Linger articles, we’ve updated our Ethics and Standards Policy in regards to Anonymous Sources.

Looking ahead – June 2015

Event Coverage

We’re going to E3!! We have Five Staff Members Attending E3 2015! That means you’re going to get a ton of great coverage both on and off the expo floor! Here’s what we have planned for coverage:

-Conference News & Recaps (Articles)
-Post-Conference live stream discussions (On Twitch)
-On-Site interviews & coverage of E3 2015 games and developers!

We’ll also be attending TechWeek Chicago for the second year in a row! If you’re local and into tech, it’s really an incredible learning experience where you can hear from titans in the tech industry!

eSports Coverage

We’re expanding harder into eSports! We have a number of staff members who will be splitting their time up to do more articles focusing on games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, DOTA 2, SMITE, Heroes of the Storm, and more! Check out the new category for our eSports coverage, as it will start expanding more and more!

MORE Video!

We’re trying to expand our YouTube channel as well, with Alex Santa Maria joining Shaun Joy in adding more video content to the channel regularly, as well as our expansion into adding game trailers (with developer approval) to the channel! Throw in the amount of content that will be coming from E3, TechWeek, SDCC, PAX, and GenCon, and you’re going to see a ton of original content!

Thank you

As always, thank you for reading and watching our content. Every click, view, and share helps us to become a bigger and better site, and we’re happy to serve our readers every day!

Sure, we had a dip in traffic, but we’re not going anywhere. We’re leaps and bounds ahead of where we thought we’d be this year, and we’re working our hardest to crush every goal we set.

The Raptor Pack is awesome!

Rutledge Daugette

Founder & CEO

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