Survival game The Long Dark is getting a brand new episode for its story mode, Wintermute, in December this year. Unlike the first two episodes, Episode Three doesn’t currently have a title. Expect one to be announced in the coming months.

Developer Hinterland Games announced the release window via a post on the game’s official Steam Community page. Along with Episode Three, players will also receive “Redux” editions of Episodes One and Two, which have been significantly tweaked by Hinterland in response to community feedback.

In Episode Three of Wintermute, players will take the role of Dr. Astrid Greenwood, who will discover more about the “First Flare”, the event which triggered the titular Long Dark. In doing so, Dr. Greenwood will meet all-new characters and explore an entirely new region. Details are a little thin on the ground right now, but Hinterland has promised more information in the months to come. We’ll have more for you on Episode Three of Wintermute when we get it.

The Redux work on Episodes One and Two was originally started around a year ago and was detailed in a February dev diary released by Hinterland. Updates to the two chapters were made to “set up a stronger foundation for Episode Three”, as well as the remaining two episodes. Changes include a complete restructuring of mission structure, a newly added playable intro for Episode One, rewritten dialogue, and more. If you want to check out a full list of the changes, you can do so via the Steam Community post.

Quick note: in order to accommodate all the changes made to Episodes One and Two, in-progress save files for either of the first two episodes of The Long Dark will be wiped in December when Episode Three and the Redux episodes are released. Hinterland recommends you finish these two episodes before December if you don’t want to lose your progress for Episode Three.

The last major update for The Long Dark came in June when the Vigilant Flame update added a new region, improved cooking mechanics and more to the game.

Are you excited for the new episode of The Long Dark? Looking forward to the changes made in the Redux episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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