A new “short” game from the infamous No Mans Sky Developer Hello Games was announced at this years Game Awards titled The Last Campfire.  From the recently acquired creative team behind the hugely successful LostWinds puzzle platformer on iOS and android comes a new game with a much smaller scope than the studios previous effort No Mans Sky.

Studio head Shaun Murray calls the game a “Hello Games Short” and in a direct quote from the Hello Games blog “We call it a Hello Games Short. Like Pixar shorts it’s a way to foster creativity and new voices in the studio.”  With an emphasis on telling smaller focused stories that would otherwise not get made, Hello Games seems to be bringing an indie film mindset to game development. “We started by making Joe Danger, before No Man’s Sky, and we want to pay forward our success to give others the opportunity to do the same.”  States Shaun in the same blog.

The Last Campfire is a puzzle game about the last ember on its journey to self meaning and a way home with a strikingly colorful and appealing visual aesthetic. You can watch the trailer below and judge for yourself, or you could check the game out on steam and add it to your wish list.  No word on a release date other than 2019 as well as no word on a console or mobile release.



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