Cheating is usually a fun little distraction for when you’ve finished a game’s campaign and want to play around with the game’s systems with gay abandon, but with the trend of MMO-like games it’s becoming a real problem. Grand Theft Auto V already has hackers making themselves invincible or just incredibly rich, and now Tom Clancy’s The Division has a nasty cheater problem on PC with players one-shotting other players from impossible angles and distances and teleporting around the dark zone to grab Division Tech (items needed to craft high-end weapons) before anyone else.

The community has been taking to the forums to (rightfully) complain about this, and now Ubisoft has finally answered during one of their ‘State of the Game’ streams on Twitch. This anti-cheat measure, as well as a slew of other updates will be coming on April 12.

When the update hits you will be able to report cheaters via an in-game menu, after which the accused will come under investigation. If the claim is deemed genuine, the cheater is looking at an instant 3-day ban without warning. Repeat offenders will get banned permanently and, again, without warning.

Further changes coming to the game include:

  • Increased material cost for crafting high-end gear, and the material gain from deconstructing gear will be nerfed a bit.
  • Purple items obtainable for Dark Zone vendors will be able to be bought at Dark Zone level 15, down from 30.
  • Players with an item level of 160+ will be put in their own bracket, making it a little more fair for people below that.
  • Division Tech will no longer be needed when you craft certain high-end weapons or gear, essentially making end-game progression a bit more palatable for players. Previously you couldn’t craft high-end gear without Division Tech, so it seems like that reagent will only be a requirement for the best weapons in the game currently.

For the full patch notes that lists all the new changes and bugfixes you can go here.


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