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Rutledge Daugette / September 1, 2014 at 9:00 AM / Blog

Wow, the last few days have been insane! Between our site going down (reason still pending, will update in a later blog post), our in-progress host migration, and the unbelievable amount of support coming in from around the internet and email – all of us here at TechRaptor are incredibly proud that our readers are choosing to support us.

On a personal note, I’ve been working on TechRaptor in almost all of my spare time for the last year and a half, and the events of #GamerGate and in the industry as a whole have really brought validation to the principles that TechRaptor was founded on. When I started, I wrote alone for about 6 months before turning to friends and then the internet for more writers. Since then, we’ve had over 80 people write for us (some who come and go), but we’ve always made sure to keep our core values in mind.

From the start, and as long as this website remains in the hands of myself and my editors, we will make sure to hold to what we promised when we started:

  • We’ll never take money/bribes for reviews of games – all we ask is a copy of said game!
  • We’ll never take money/bribes for a better review score of a game.
  • If a game is bad, or has flaws, we’ll mention them and they will affect the score. Not every game can be good, unfortunately.
  • We’ll always be honest, but try and find the middle ground.
  • Writers who have personal connections or relations with a developer cannot cover their products without disclosing that, and won’t be allowed to write official reviews.
  • All money (generally advertising) made by the site will go back to it or its writers/staff.
  • We’re gamers, and we’re here because of gamers – and we’ll make sure that they are kept in mind at all times.

Honestly, that’s the short version, but the main things that we want to fight for when it comes to our website. When I started, it was key that I set up what I wanted TechRaptor to be – and where we hoped it would go. We’re still very small in comparison to most gaming/technology media sites, but we hope to one day be one of the giants that inspires a change in the community over time.

While the current issues are big, they’re nothing new, and it’s a battle that been fought for years as money has talked louder than all else for large companies. If you’re curious how the whole money thing works for us, it’s 100% ad-based, so we make all our money off of ad impressions and clicks. That generally amounts to $1.00 per 1,000 views every month, well below what is being paid into the site and it’s writers. So yes, I spend significantly more on the site than I make on it, but that’s because I love it and what it stands for.

My staff is downright amazing. While we all have differing opinions on a multitude of topics, we all have a passion for technology and gaming, and love writing about it. While all the back-end stuff may (sadly) take precedence for me, I couldn’t be more proud of the content my team is creating. They’re all awesome, awesome, people and I’ll do everything in my power to give them what they need.

I speak for the whole team when I say that we’re unbelievably happy and excited about all of the tweets, emails, and comments that you all have posted across the web, and we’re glad to be here and part of your daily rotation in the future. We’re small right now, but we’ll be hiring more writers in order to get more content up and flowing for you.

Between people asking to donate (and I’ll set up a page for that and ways to support us through purchases), and the integrity being shown by the gaming community, we want to do everything we can to grow this site to be a voice of impartial news, reviews, and (with the exception of opinion pieces) articles for you!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your support!!

Rutledge Daugette, Founder

Rutledge Daugette

Founder & CEO

Founder of TechRaptor with a love of video games (B.S. in Game Programming) and technology. Started TechRaptor to create a place where people could come for quality content.

  • Guest

  • I’m glad I can be part of the team, even though I’m not really a writer (I’m the IT backend guy)

  • Kamon

    This is the website that inspired me to finally set up an RSS feed. Congrats. You’re on the top of the list.

    As far as support, I would definitely wear a shirt with the logo on it if it was available for purchase. I’m a huge supporter of not only honest journalism but independent start-ups. I only wish I could have found you guys sooner.

  • Hey Kamon! Thank you so much for your support!

    As for the the T-Shirt, I’ll start looking into ways to get them available to fans!

  • Omon Topno


  • Erika Sato

    AdBlock Off! Thank you for hanging in there.

  • ShitBiscuits

    As of right now, only you guys and Siliconera are in my feed. I don’t really trust any other sites.

  • negitivezero0

    I found out about you from your host incident. Thank you for having actual journalistic integrity.

  • Kyle Sullivan

    Good stuff man!

    Continue to be “Based”.

  • webkilla

    Was linked to Techraptor via The Escapist forums. I am so happy to finally find a tech and gaming news site that isn’t ignoring the Quinnspiracy bullshit and is talking honestly about the corruption in gaming journalism. I seriously hope the best for your site – and I’ve added it to my list of links I check daily.

  • Well, seeing as you just completed a migration of both sites with zero downtime, you’re an integral part of the team!

  • Awesome! We still have a few more articles potentially in the pipelines, but we’re trying not to seem like we are doing everything we can to capitalize on the situation. We just like writing about it!

  • Tony McModeNut

    It’s just such a fucking relief to have somewhere where the writers aren’t soaking through two packs of adult diapers in an attempt to get the Moral Paragon highscore.

  • Codrin Stavri

    AdBlock oFF! ONe question tho. I come from IGN and Gamespot as I have blocked them for taking the wrong side in this conflict.

    Do you guys have a list with the games that are about to be released every month? Please say yes 😀

  • Alphasevx

    Glad to have found your site. I’ll be back everyday. 🙂

  • Jypsie

    From one IT guy to another, good job!

  • LickTheEnvelope

    Thanks Tech Raptor 🙂 Also thanks for open dialogue with fans.

  • Adblock is off for this site, because I respect someone who can stand up to the evil and corruption that is going on in gaming journalism. I am a new lets player and always been a gamer at heart. Its nice to see that is standards and integrity still left!

  • Alex White

    Oh, guess I best turn off adblock then 😛

  • Codrin Stavri

    I want one! 😀

  • Codrin Stavri

    Also I kept asking but no answer. Is there a way you guys can set up a calendar that would show the date of the games that are going to be released each week?

  • Big Guy, For You

    only just found out about this site really like it’s content and I’ve heard some of the reasons as why the site might of been taken down and I’m happy to support this place by turning adblock off. Keep up the great work!

  • Timmy Carson

    You guys are some of the good ones

  • $121500163

    I’ll admit I only heard of this site because of a news article on Breitbart, but after catching up on what’s been going on and reading some of your reviews, as well as your stance, you can put me down as a new fan.

  • Snusmumrikken

    AdBlock Off